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What percentage of cellular activity devoted to DNA repair15%
How frequent is cancer1 in 10 14 and 1 in 3 p
How can CSC help therapies Use markers as drug targets induce differentiation, pomote cycling to redner susceptible to normal drugs. Attack the stem cell nige
How has CSC hypothesis been revised?Variegation and heterogenity exists with CS population. Different offshoots persist and co exist 2) stemness is dynamic and can be aquired by differentiated cells entering a niche
How were Human cancer stem cells IDedNOD SCID
Where does CSC not apply?Melanoma - large proportion of cells
Diessens 2012 contInduced cancer by mutanegenesis Papilloma suited to a heirachical model in w/ stem like cells produce transient porgenitors 20 % of porlifertive cell = SStem and stochatic fate pattern from clonal analysis
How can mode of tumour growth be det by clonal analysis Transplantation showed squamous skin tumours contain highly clonogenic cells, Test w/ lineage tracing/
What is current model for papiloma2 times proliferative compartments with pop of cells cycling 2X a day
What did Anderson showGenetic diversity within CSC compartment.
What did Anderson doInvestigated genetic architeture @ subclonal leve. Followed aquistion of mutations Eve6:runx1 fusion as one of the makers NOD SCID transplantation
How did ANderson study work30 patients 200 cells Lympho leukia Observe copy number alterations in Pax5 P16 wih FISH. No Prefferntial order- branching pway of clonal evolution
How thick is BL-40 129 nm
What devo switching in Cads occurN - Cad7 and back uoin arival
What do placodes makeGANGLIA + PITUITARY
Additional palcodesAdrenoyhypheasal and profundal
what cells in otic placodetHose w/ sec endolymph + mechanosensory cells
What critera for common origin1) same place 2) same genes
What purpose does AKAP 79 serveRegulates L type channels Ca + NMDA receptor
How is AKAP 79 distribution regP wihitn PH domain keeps off membrane
Where next for AKAP reesearchMutliplexed flourecent imafinf to det ongoings @ individual scaffold, Structural analyis, AKAP specific inhibitros ie RAID
Which AKAP had diff ditributed isofrms350- longer @ centromere yotario @ synaptic membrane
Examples of anchored PKAsmAKAP nuc Rab32 Mit MAP2 microt
Which AKAPs are important in the heart 79/ L + NMDA reg exitation contraction, 18å positions PKA prox to channels coupling yotario reg repolarisation
Examples of functionally distinct AC A5+A6 Cardiac stres + cardioprotection repectively
How does SMAC bind ISAPSVia a Tetrapeptide motif that binds in BIR3 domain groove
Where were IAP family discoveredBacculovirus

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