Facial Rejuvenation

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Most common injection area that leads to blindnessGlabella
Course of temporal branchLine from 0.5cm below the tragus to 1.5cm above the lateral brow
Layers of the Face in temporal area (9)Skin, SubQ Fat, TP Fascia, Parotidotemporal fascia (Superficial temporal fascia), Superficial layer of deep temporal facsia, Temporal Fat pad, Deep temporal Facia, Temporalis, Periosteum
Greater Auricular Nerve Course and InnervationCrosses posterior border of SCM 6.5cm below external auditory canal and innervates the lobule
Optimal duration of smoking cessation prior to facelift4 weeks
Most proven way to reduce hematoma after faceliftQuilting sutures (Not tumescent or fibrin glue)
Mentalis innervated byMarginal Mandibular Branch
Sentinal Vein location1.5 cm lateral and superior to the lateral canthus
Muscle the produces vertical glabellar linesTransverse head of the corrugator
3 structures to release during a brow liftsuperior temporal fusion line, Orbital ligament, periosteal and galea attachments to the superior orbital rim
Vertical maxillary excess best evident byMaxillary incisor show of > 3mm
Poly-L-Galactic acid trade nameSculptra
Uniform white frostend point of a deep peel
Transparent white frost with pink backgroundEnd point of a medium depth peel
Botox Mechanism of Actionprevents release of Acetylcholine esterase from pre-synaptic nerves
Korean nasal cartilage is different how?Shorter height but same length
Steroid injections can help calm down nodules from which fillersthe poly's (poly-L galactic acid, polymethyl methacrylate) Calcium hydroxyapetite does not react to steroids
Ok for surgery in what collagen disorderOk to make people cute who have cutis laxa

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