Facial Muscles

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Question Answer
Frontalis muscle actionwrinkles forehead; elevates eyebrows
Corrugater Supercilli (mad alligator)draws eyebrows downward medially
Levator Anguli Orislifts the superior angle of the mouth upward (smirk)
Nasalisdraws bad of nose toward septum to compress opening (crinkle nose)
Zygomaticus MajorMajor smile muscle -> elevation & retraction of the sup. angle of the mouth
Risoriusretraction (no elevation)of the sup. angle of mouth (mona lisa soft smile)
Platysmacover anterolateral neck and tenses skin of lower neck and face to help frown
Depressor Anguli Orisdepresses our lip at inferior corners and turns them downward (frown)
Depressor Labii Inferiorisdepresses our lips of mouth downward more medially to frown
Temporomandibular joint itselfopen and close the mouth; 3 df
massetercloses lower jaw; elevates mandible, clenches teeth
temporaliscloses lower jaw; elevates mandible
medial ptyergoidcloses lower jaw, less powerful
lateral ptyergoidopens jaw; depresses & protracts mandible
Digrastic & supra hyoidsopen jaw; depresses mandible
Buccinator(not muscle of mastication) -> flattens cheeks toward midline to get food out of pockets of mouth
hyoid boneinsertion for tongue muscles/movement & attachment for infra/suprahyoids