Facial Development

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During head development, the 2 top priorities are what?1) Brain (provide enough space for brain to grow) 2) Nasal Cavity (provide enough space for air to pass through)
What structure is between the lateral nasal process and the medial nasal process?the nasal pit (becomes nostril)
Which -cephalon gives rise to the cerebrum?Telencephalon (part of Prosencephalon)
Which -cephalon gives rise to the Thalamus and the Hypothalamus?Diencephalon (part of Prosencephalon)
Which -cephalon gives rise to the Midbrain?Mesencephalon
Which -cephalon gives rise to the Pons?Metencephalon (part of Rombencephalon)
Which -cephalon gives rise to the Medulla?Mylencephalon (part of Rhombencephalon)
Facial Development is controlled by which cephalic centers?Prosencephalon & Rhombencephalon
How many processes must grow and fuse for a normal continuous face?5: Rt & Lt Mandibular, Rt & Lt Maxillary, Frontal Prominence


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Origin of Frenulum on inside of upper lipLabiogingival Lamina
Lips and Gingivae become separated by linear thickening of what tissue type?ECTODERM
Upper lip is formed by the fusion of what processes?Rt & Lt Maxillary processes
Defective Upper lip formation is cause by failure of the fusion between ____ processesMaxillary
Medial Nasal Processes give rise to what structures?Premaxilla & primary palate
what "displaces ears upward" relatively & pulls tongue downward and forward?ELONGATION of mandible
Membrane that separates oral and nasal cavities during sixth week onlyORONASAL membrane
What two structures separate oral and nasal cavities during 6th week?Primary Palate (fusion of medial nasal processes) & Oronasal membrane (only around during 6th week)
What is the name of the openings between oral and nasal cavity after rupture of the Oronasal membrane?Primordial Coanae
After development of the 2ndary palate, Coanae are limited to communication between ____ and ____Nasal Cavities & Nasopharynx


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What two paranasal sinuses develop during fetal development?Maxillary & Frontal Air sinuses (are nasal cavities sinuses? guess not)
T/F: Maxillary Incisors come from 1st Phar ArchFALSE (derived from medial nasal process, which is part of Frontonasal process)
How do syndromic faces compare to normal faces?they are wider
Palatine shelves are filled with ____ acidHyaluronic Acid
This organ is used to detect pheromones in non-human animalsVomeronasal organ
What causes the displacement of orbits to move anterior from lateral position?growth of brain
what moves with mandible as it elongates down and forward?tongue
Palatine shelves give rise to what?Secondary palate
Palatine shelves (folds) are derived from what?Maxilla


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The most common congenital orofacial deformity is what?Cleft Lip & Palate
What separates oral cavity and the nasal cavity?palate
What separates oral cavity and maxillary sinus?Maxilla
If, when extracting a third molar you open into another space... what space have you opened into?Maxillary sinus
function of soft palate?form a seal between oro-pharynx from naso-pharynx (muscular door flap)
If you don't fuse secondary palate completely you will have problems w/ what 4 things?1) separate oral and nasal cavity 2) speech 3) swallowing 4) nursing
Source of Nasal SeptumMedial Nasal Processes


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Ossification of the median palatine suture completes around what age?30-35
What part of lateral palatine processes ossify? they form what?Anterior lateral palatine processes --> hard palate
What part of lateral palatine processes do not ossify? they form what?posterior portion of lateral palatine processes --> soft palate & uvula
How many uvulae do you have in complete cleft palate?2, b/c they are part of fusion of maxillary processes


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Which is more common, cleft lip or cleft palate?Cleft Lip is more common
Is Cleft lip more common in males or females?Males, more common in males
What proportion of babies are born w/ cleft lip &/or palate?1:1000
What % of cleft lip births are male?80%
Risk factors for cleft palateDiabetes & Smoking
What type of occlusion do cleft palate patients end up with, even after receiving corrective surgery for cleft palate?Class 3 Malocclusion (b/c of deficient maxilla)
Failure of fusion between Maxillary processes is known asMedian Cleft Lip (rare)
Anterior Clefts includeCleft Lip
Anterior Cleft results from what?DEFICIENT MESENCHYME in MEDIAN PALATINE PROCESS (derived from medial nasal processes and maxillary processes)
Posterior cleft results from what?distortion, lack of mobility, or lack of fusion of the palatine shelves
Which is rarer, median upper lip cleft or median lower lip cleft?Median Lower Lip Cleft (only 65 cases ever reported)
Failure of fusion on one side between the maxillary and medial nasal processes.. called what?Unilateral Anterior Cleft Lip and Palate
Failure of the mesenchyme of both maxillary prominences to fuse with the medial nasal prominencesBilateral Anterior Cleft Lip and Palate
What type of cleft disorder would leave the pre maxilla hanging loose and displaced forward?Bilateral Anterior Cleft Lip and Palate
What Cleft deformity is more common in females?Cleft Palate
Which is more common, cleft palate or cleft lip?Cleft lip
2 most common congenital deformities in head and neck?Cleft lip & Cleft Palate
What is the embryologic basis of cleft lip?MESENCHYME fails to grow ((would have allowed fusion between str
Nasolacrimal Cleft is failure of fusion between what two processes?Maxillary process and Lateral Nasal Process (very rare)
Macrostomia (transverse cleft) is failure of fusion between what processes?Maxillary & mandibular
Congenital underdevelopment of one side of the facial skeleton: Mandible, maxilla ± zygomatico orbital complex. However, normal occlusion is often maintainedHemifacial Microsomia
Second most common facial deformity after cleft lip and palateHemifacial Microsomia
T/F: Hemifacial Microsomia involves structures from the 1st Pharyngeal ArchFALSE


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Fusion of all facial primordial should be finished by end of what week?10th week
In what week does the Olfactory Epithelium develop?Week 7
The palate is fused in what week?week 12
CRITICAL PERIOD of palatine development from week ___ to week ___?6-9
Palatine development should be finished by what week?week 12
during what weeks will palatine shelves flip to horizontal position?7 & 8
Growth at median palatine suture continues until what age?17
What myoblast migration takes place week 4?Tongue myoblasts, coming from occipital myotome
What myoblast migration takes place week 20?Muscles of Facial Expression myoblasts migrate from 2nd Pharyngeal Arch

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