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Question Answer
DS RNA virusReovirus (coltivirus causing colorado tick fever) and ROTAVIRUS (# fatal diarrhea in kids)
segmented RNA virusesBunyavirus Orthomyxovirus, Arenavirus, Reovirus
causes dilated cardio-myopathyCoxsackie B
Devil's grippleurodynia (unilateral sharp chest pain) due to coxsackie B
replicates in peyers patches before affecting anterior horn of spinal cordPolio
number 1 aseptic meningitisenteroviruses (Poliovirus, Echovirus, Coxsacki virus)
common coldcoronavirus and rhinovirus
negative stranded virusesmust transcribe - to + so bring own RNA dependent RNA polymerase. Arena virus, Bunyavirus, Paramyxovirus, Orthomyxovirus, Filovirus, Rhabdovirus
RNA translated into 1 large polypeptide that gets cleaved by proteases into functional viral proteinsPicornaviruses
attaches to ICAM 1 to enter host cellrhinovirus
monkey or human reservoiryellow fever
may see councilman bodies on liver biopsyeosinophilic apoptotic globules in Yellow fever virus (flavivirus)
acute diarrhea in kids in the winterrotavirus
villus destruction with atrophy leads to loss of absorption of Na+ and K+rotavirus
negative RNA virus that replicates in the nucleusorthomyxovirus
HAhemagglutinin binds to sialic acid and defines tropism of virus
NAneuraminidase cleaves sialic acidifier release of virion
M2creates proper pH for viral uncoating
sensoryneural deafnessrubella
bronchiolitis in infantsRSV
inspiratory stridorparainfluenza
steeple signparainfluenza
treatment of RSV in adultsribavirin
treatment of RSV in infantspalivizumab
laryngotrachiobronchitiscroup (parainfluenza)
3 c's of measlescough, coriza, conjunctivitis, koplik spots
warthin finkeldey giant cellsfused lymphocytes in measles
subacute sclerosing panencephalitislate measles with personality change, seizures, clonus, ataxia, coma/death
prevention of measlesvitamin A
mumpsparotitis, orchitis, meningitis
bullet shapedrabies
negri bodiesrabies eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusions found in parking cells of cerebellum and hippocampal pyramidal cells
treatment for rabieskilled vaccine plus rabies Ig
where does rabies replicatein post synaptic motor end plate by binding NAChR
forms cryoglobulinsHCV
envHIV structural gene composed of gp160 cleavage into gp120 is outer glycoprotein that attaches to host CD4+ T cells and p41 is inner transmembrane protein that allows fusion and entry. Mutations here evade humoral immunity and escape neutralizing antibodies
gagHIV structural gene of p24 capsid protein (triangle shaped)
polHIV reverse transcriptase. Mutations here cause HAART drug resistance
cancer related to HIVdiffuse large B cell lymphoma


Question Answer
SS DNA virusparvovirus
smallest DNA virusparvovirus
largest DNA viruspoxvirus
Guarnieri inclusionspoxvirus
hemorrhagic cystitisadenovirus and JC virus
progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathyJC virus (polyomavirus)
common in transplant patients and targets their kidneysBK virus (polyomavirus)
aplastic crisis in sickle cell ptsparvovirus
cowry bodiesintranuclear inclusions in herpesviruses
keratoconjunctivitisHSV I
oral hairy leukoplakiaEBV (HHV 4)
roseolaxanthem subitum HHV6 and 7
partially double stranded and circularHBV (hepadnavirus)
slapped cheekserythema infectiosum or fifth disease (parvo B19)
hydrops fetalisparvo B19, CMV
molluscum contagiosumflesh-colored papillose with central umbilication due to poxvirus
veruca vulgariscuteness common warts due to HPV 1-4
laryngeal papillomatosisHVP 6 and 11
condyloma acuminataanogenital warts due to HPV 6 and 11
temporal lobe encephalitisHSV1
dew drops on a rose petalHSV 1
latent in sacral gangliaHSV2
downy cellsatypical lymphocytes in EBV
rash when treated with amoxicillin/ampicillin?it's probably EBV and not strep like you thought it was!
Buffy coat cultureCMV
owl eye inclusionsCMV
latent in mononuclear cellsCMV
lacy rash that spares the faceHHV6 (roseola/exanthum subitum)
hard palate lesionsHHV8 kaposi sarcoma