FA GI Drugs

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Question Answer
CimetidineH2 blocker
RanitidineH2 blocker
FamotidineH2 blocker
NizatidineH2 blocker
What are the side effects of Cimetidine?interacts with CYT p450 multiple drug interactions, also anti androgen effects impotence, decreased libido, and also crosses blood brain barrier leads to confusion, headaches
What are the PPIs?Omeprazole, lansoprazole, esomeproazol, pantoprazol, delansoprazole.
What are the side effects of the PPI?increase risk for C. Diff infection, pneumonia and decrease serum Mg+2
What is effect of misoprostol?A PGE1 analog, used to prevent NSAID induced peptic ulcers
What is the side effect of misoprostol?Can induce labor, abortifacient.
What is the effect of Octreotide?Long lasting somatostatin analog, used to treat variceal bleeds, acromegaly, VIPomas, carcinoid tumors.
What are three anti-acidsaluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate, and magnesium hydroxide.
What is the effect of Ondansetron?Treats nausea by acting as an 5-HT3 antagonist and decreasing vagal stimulation
What are the side effects of Ondansetron?Headache, constipation and QT interval elongation
What is the effect metoclopramideD2 receptor antagonist, increases resting tone, contractility, and LES tone, increases motility, used to treat gastroparesis, antiemetic
What is the effect of orlistatInhibits gastric and pancreatic lipase, for decreased absorption of fats.

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