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Question Answer
CN III paralysis Ptosis (eye drooping)
CN VII paralysis Incomplete closure
Snellen Chart @20 feet: 20/200 Pt reads at 20ft, what a person with normal vision reads at 200 ft. (myopia - inability to see far)
Rosenbaum @14 feet: Can screen for presbyopia (impaired near vision)
Assessment of Anterior ChamberShine light from temporal side of the patient's eye
Looking for a shadow on the medial aspect of the iris
"Cresent shadow" indicates increased IOP - GLAUCOMA
Corneal Light "Reflection" Tests for conjugate gaze
Shine line 2 ft in front of patient
Assessing for strabismus (misalignment of eyes)
Eye miosis constriction
Eye midriasisdilation
Direct pupillary light reflex pupil constrict on same side (as the light is pointed)
Consentual pupillary light reflexpupil constrict on the opposite side (as the light is pointed)
EOM - CN III, IV, VI "H" to test EOMs
head midline, only move eyes
watch for conjugate (parallel) movements
pause: upward / lateral gaze (to detect nystagmus) - you want fine rhythmic oscillation of the eyes
Make the H big enough to cause eyes to move through their full range of motion
CN VI - abducens Lateral Rectus m.
CN IV - trochlear Superior Oblique m.
CN III - oculomotorEverything else
Accommodation (near reaction) pupils constrict, eyes converge as gaze shifts from far object to near object
OphthalmoscopeSmall: easier view through non-dilated pupils
Large: view through dilated pupils
Grid "fixed aperture"for distance/size measures
Slit: to determine elevation of lesion
Cobalt filter: for fluorescein staining to visualize corneal lesions
Review Ophthalmoscopic Exam Lecture 3 slides 29/30 - cup:disc ratio 1:2, A:V ratio 2:3
Absence of red reflex (bad) cataract
detached retina
artificial eye
Papilledema optic disc swelling caused by increased ICP
Foveacenter most part of the macula, responsible for central/sharpest vision: reading, watching TV, and other activities that require seeing detail
Arterioleslight red
smaller 2/3 diameter of vein
Veinsdark red
absent light reflex