Eye 2

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conjuctivatransparent, mucus membrane that covers sclera and lubricates eye ball
aqueous humourmaintains pressure, nourishes cornea and lens
lenstransparent tissue bends light to focus on retina
suspensory ligamentsholds lens in place and connects to ciliary muscle
ciliary musclemuscle that changes lens shape to focus objects at different distances
vitreous humourclear jelly like fluid maintain shape and attaches to retina
choroidthin tissue containing blood vessels, supplies oxygen and nutrients to the eye
retinacontains light sensitive cells, rods and cones
foveashallow depression at center of retina, sharpest vision containing only cones
blind spotarea of retina where optic nerves leave the eye, no light sensitive cells
optic nervebundle of axons from ganglion cells that carry visual signals to brain

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