Extrinsic Death Pathway

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What factor modulates the output of complex 1? how?cIAP- NfkB1 and survive, Deg of cIAP death
Which is the main executioner in this pathway?Caspase 8
What are the adaptive cells involve in Apop?Cytotoxic T cells
Why were Trail trails unsucssful?Failed to appreciate that Oncogenes activate an inhibitor of Casp 8 known as FLIP
What are the names of Trail receptor sub units?DR4/5
`What pathways are DISC and Complex 1 downstream of?Fas and TNFa respectively Fas=FADD=DISC
What is complex 2?Complex 1 recruited FADD and therefore capsase 8
What is FLIP FLICE inhibiting protein- a DNve relative of Caspase 8 which inhibits it's activity. Disc in viruses
What are the components of Complex 1TRAF2 TRADD RAF1
How do caspases affect the nucleus !MST1 - H2B P + Lap2 scaffold deg
Whats caspase stand forCysteine dep asparate proteases
What are diffference b/w apop and necrosis?No organelle swelling Cell swelling, PM rupture or necrotic bodies due to Collapsing lysozomes
Morph features of apop?Cyt shrink, nuc frag, Detachment, Golgi brekdown, ATP requirement
Where apopotisis disc? Thymocytes, induced by glucocortoroid. KARYOHEXIS occurs Nulear fragmentation
What modules does a Caspase contain?DEDs and a CARD (Caspase recruitment Domain

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Which receptors lack a DD? what are they used for?DcR3 +OPG decoys, secreted and inihibit
Why can tumour cells often be killed by immmune responseKeep presenting Death activating receptors but downregulate inhibitory MHC1
What are the members of the IAP family. What do they share?X, C1,C2, p35- p35 first IDed BIR domain shared between them
How do apoptosis inhibitors work? What inhibts what?heteordimeraise. Xiap inhibits both 3+7 by targeting differnt reens
How are IAPs regulated?By antahonistic including SMAC/DIABLO, Repear and Sickle. Thes contain a tetrapeptide IAP binding motif the recogs a groove in BIR