Extracorporeal photo chemotherapy (Chapter 23)

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Question Answer
ECP performed after injection of 8-MOP into the treatment riskT. Previously ingested
Cutaneous photosensitivity is lower for ECP with injection rather than ingestionT
ECP stimulates anti T cell responsesT
ECP induces apoptosis of auto reactive T cellsT
ECP induces immunoregulatory cytokine shiftsT
Individuals maintain normal T cell populationsT
Pregnancy and lactation are absolute C/IT
FDA approved for psoriasisF. For CTCL
No bloods routinely required before startingF
There can be unmasking of patch/plaque lesions in CTCL on ECPT
Nausea and photosensitivity are seen in ECPT
Cardiovascular S/E are of particular importance in ECPT
It has significant associated S/EF. Generally well tolerated
Rapidly progressing CTCL is highly responsive to ECPF. Is a C/I
Involves UVB irradiation of the buffy F. UVA
Concomitant Mtx is C/IF
UVADEX elminates S/E of nauseaT
Photosensitivity is decreased with UVADEXT
Anti tumour response is higher with a higher ratio of CD8:CD4T
Methotrexate, PUVA, BCNU, radiation, interferons, MAB's, Ontak, and retinoids are C/I F, are useful adjunct treatments
Oral corticosteroids can improve efficacy of ECPF, negates the effects
CCF is an absolute C/IF, relative
DBP <70 is an absolute C/IF, relative - may need saline or RBC transfusion

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