Ext. Parasites

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Cat flea (90% of fleas found on MI animals).Ctenocephalides felis
Host specific dog flea.Ctenocephalides canis
Human and swine flea that transmits plague.Pulex irritans
Allergic reaction to flea bites that results after repeated exposure over time.Flea allergy dermatitis (FAD)

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Hard tick with a visible scutum.Ixodidae
Soft-bodied tick lacking a scutum.Argasidae
Black-legged tick. Ixodes scapularis (dammini)
Western black-legged tick.Ixodes pacificus
Rocky Mountain spotted fever tick.Dermacentor andersoni
American dog tick.Dermacentor variabilis
Brown dog tick.Rhipicephalus sanguineus
Lone star tick.Amblyomma americanum
Gulf Coast tick.Amblyomma maculatum
Texas cattle fever tick.Boophilus annulatus
Spinose ear tick (soft).Otobius megnini
Fowl tick (soft).Argus persicus
Spirochete bacteria that causes Lyme disease.Borrelia burgdorferi

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Mites which burrow or tunnel within the epidermis.Sarcoptidae
Mites which reside on the surface of the skin or within the external ear canal.Psoroptidae
Scabies mite (s).Sarcoptes scabiei
Feline face mange mite (s).Notoedres cati
Scaly leg mite in birds (s).Cnemidocoptes
Foot and tail mange mite of ruminants and horses (p).Chorioptes
Scabies mite of sheep and goats (p).Psoroptes ovis
Scabies mite of cattle (p).Psoroptes bovis
Scabies mite of horses (p).Psoroptes equi
Ear canker mite of rabbits (p).Psoroptes caniculi
Ear mite of dogs, cats, and ferrets.Otodectes cynotis
Host specific mites that reside in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands.Demodex
Contagious surface dwelling mite-walking dandruff.Cheyletiella

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Sucking lice.Anoplura
Biting lice.Mallophaga
Human head lice (a).Pediculus humanus var capitis
Human body lice (a).Pediculus humanus var corporis
Sucking louse of swine.Haematopinus suis
Biting louse of sheep.Damalania ovis
Sucking sheep foot louse.Linognathus pedalis
Sucking louse of horses.Haematopinus asini
Biting louse of cattle.Bovicola bovis
Short nose cattle louse.Haematopinus eurysternus
Long nose cattle louse.Linognathus vituli
Sucking little blue cattle louse.Solenoptes capillatus
Common biting louse of dogs.Trichodectus canis
Common sucking louse of dogs.Linognathus piliferus
Chewing louse of poultry and domestic or wild birds.Menopon