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Section 1

Question Answer
John Cabot?Italian
Jacques Cartier?French
Vasco Nunez Balboa?Spanish
Juan Ponce de Leon's?Spanish
Christopher Columbus?Italian
Henry Hudson?English

Section 2

Question Answer
Who explored during 1497 -1498?John Cabot
Who explored during 1501 and 1513?Vasco Nunez Balboa
Who explored during 1492?Christopher Columbus
Who explored during 1513?Juan Ponce de Leon
Who explored during 1609-1610?English
Who explored during 1534-1536?Jacques Cartier

Section 3

Question Answer
John Cabot's reason for exploring.He wanted to reach Asia by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.
Vasco Nunez Balboa's reason for gain land, riches and opportunities to trade
Juan Ponce de Leon's reason for exploring.Become rich, find gold, and find the Fountain of Youth
Christopher Columbus' reason for exploring.In search of gold, spices, and a trade route to Asia
Henry Hudson's reason for exploring.Searching for the Northwest Passage
Jacques Cartier's reason for exploring.a water route to Asia

Section 4

Question Answer
Who's obstacles were storms, unfamiliar lands, no people, no silks, and no spicesJohn Cabot
Who's obstacles were mountains and jungles?Vasco Nunez Balboa
Who's obstacles were hot climate and swamps with alligators?Juan Ponce de Leon
Who's obstacles were Native Americans and did not find a route to Asia?Christopher Columbus
Who's obstacles were cold climate, trapped boat, and an unhappy crew?Henry Hudson
Who's obstacles were cold climate and a short growing season?Jacques Cartier

Section 5

Question Answer
Who's accomplishments were reaching Canada, finding a rich fishing area, and helping to find the Northwest Passage?John Cabot
Who's accomplishments were cruising Panama to the Pacific Ocean and the 1st European to lead an expedition to reach the Pacific from the New World?Vasco Nunez Balboa
Who's accomplishments were claiming Florida for Spain and the 1st European to set foot in Florida/US?Juan Ponce de Leon
Who's accomplishments were discovering America?Christopher Columbus
Who's accomplishments were claiming land for the Dutch and finding the Hudson Bay?Henry Hudson
Who's accomplishments were sailing far up the St. Lawrence River and responsible for people coming to the region to trade furs?Jacques Cartier