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Question Answer
TradeThe activity or process of buying, selling, or exchanging goods or services
CircumnavigateTo go completely around something such as the world
CaravelPortuguese shipbuilders designed . It allowed sea captains to sail close to shore and into shallow inlets
Compassuses a magnetized needle to determine direction
asrolabeallowed sailors to use the position of the sun and stars to determine latitude.
gunpowdera mixture of chemicals that exploded when lit.
navalRelating to ships or shipping
mercantilismAn economic theory that depends on a greater amount of exports than imports in order to increase a country’s supply of gold and silver
colonizationEuropeans explored and established settlements. In the 1500’s,
merchant classArabs earned huge profits selling luxury goods
Balance of TradeDifference between what a nation imports and exports
. exportgoods shipped out of a country and sold somewhere else.