Exploration 2016

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Question Answer
CircumnivagateTo go completely around something such as the world
conquistadorSpanish soldiers who conquered people in other lands
caravelallowed sea captains to sail close to shore and into shallow inlets
compassa magnetized needle to determine direction.
astrolabeallowed sailors to use the position of the sun and stars to determine latitude
mercantilismAn economic theory that depends on a greater amount of exports than imports i
colonizationEuropeans explored and established settlements. In the 1500’s,
importBuys from other countries
exportgoods shipped out of a country and sold somewhere else.
Balance of TradeDifference between what a nation imports and exports
CapitalismA system in which people, rather than governments, own property
Market EconomyBased on supply and demand. He or she buys and sells goods and services on an open market.
Middle ClassA group made up of merchants and artisans.