Explain the functions and applications of various network devices.

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Routersends packets based on IP addresses
Switchsends signals to specific ports by learning MAC addresses
Muiltilayer Switch work with MAC address or IP addresses
Firewallhardware or software that allows or denies a connection
IDSexamine network traffic and compare it against signatures for known attacks
IPSis a set of rules used to detect intrusive activity and responds with predefined actions
Access Pointis the point at which WiFi devices attach to the wired network
Content Filtercheck contents of pockets and allow or deny
Load Balancerbalances traffic across WAN links
HUBrepeats signals to all active ports
Analog Modemuses the POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) to transmit signal over analog lines
Packet Shaperdelays some traffic on a network to improve performance of other traffic
VPN Concentratorbring in tunneled IPSec connections to a LAN

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