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Question Answer
1I will strive for academic achievement and practice academic integrity.
2I will respect the dignity and worth of all persons. I will not physically, mentally, psychologically or sexually abuse or haze any human being.
3I will protect the health and safety of all human beings.
4I will respect my property and the property of others; therefore, I will neither abuse nor support the abuse of property.
5I will meet my financial obligations in a timely manner.
6I will neither use nor support the use of illegal drugs. I will neither abuse nor support the abuse of alcohol.
7I will acknowledge that a clean and attractive environment is essential to both physical and mental health; therefore, I will do all in my power to see that the chapter property is safe, properly cleaned and maintained.
8I will know and understand the ideals expressed in my fraternity Ritual and will incorporate them into my daily life.
9I will exercise compassion and understanding in dealing with all persons.
10I will challenge all my fraternity members to abide by these fraternity obligations and will confront those who violate them.

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