Exotics Quiz 2

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Question Answer
Scientific name of ferretsMustela putorius furo
Ferret Ovulation and youngInduced, Altrical
Ferret DietStrict Carnivores
Ferret AnatomyCan vomit, can't sweat, J penis, R adrenal attached to VC
TBV and Collection Amount of Ferrets40-60mLs, 10% BV safely, jug or VC
Contraindicated drugs in FerrestsAcetominophin, Ibuprofen
Vaccinate Ferrets against: CDV, Rabies
2nd most common neoplasia in FerretsAdrenal Gland Disease
Adrenal Gland DIsease CSBilat alopecia, vulvar enlargement, itchy, male urinary blockage, splenomegaly, +/- cranial abdominal mass
Diagnose Adrenal Gland Diseasemeasure hormones, histo, history, PE, CS
Treat Adrenal Gland DiseaseSx, poor medical management options
Estrogen Toxicosis CSvulvar enlarged, bilat alopecia, hemorr, pale mm, weak, anorexic, depressed, lethargic, weight loss, anemic
Estrogen Toxicosis Diagnosethrombocytosis, neutrophilia, nonregen anemia, thrombopenia, BM biopsy
Treat Estrogen ToxicosisBreed, Spay, blood transfusion

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Scientific order/family of rabbitsLagomorphs, Leporidae
Rabbit ovulation and youngInduced, Altircal
Rabbit diettender plants, fiber, high water intake
Rabbit Anatomy, Can't vomit, sweat glands on upper lip, 2 cervices, obligate nasal breather, R AV valve 2 cusps, no footpads
Rabbit TBV and Collection55-65mL/kg, 10%?, Jug Ceph, Saph Auricular
Contraindicated Rabbit DrugsTelazol, Plants Dumbcane and Oleander
What is snuffles caused by?Pasteurella multocida
Snuffles CSSubclinical, Resp, Conjuct, Otitis, Septic, GI infections
Snuffles DiagnoseRads, Nasal culture, PCR, Serology
Snuffles TreatmentVx, Abx
What causes Collibacillosis?E. coli
Collibacillosis CSDiarrhea, UTI, Sepsis
Diagnose CollibacillosisCulture, PCR MC
What causes Encephlitozoonosis?Encephalitozoon cuniculi
Encephalitozoonosis CSLatent, Convulsions, Neuro signs, Kidney failure, lens rupture
Diagnose EncephalitozoonosisHisto brain & kidney, Serology, PCR
Treat EncephalitozoonosisBenzimidazoles

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Scientific name of miceMus musculus
Mice ovulation and youngSpontaneous, Altrical
Mouse AnatomyNo vomit, No sweat, Whitten/Bruce effect, os penis, Harderian Gland
Mouse TBV and Collection6-7% BW, Submand (freckle), VC, Lat. Tail veins
What causes Mycoplasmosis?Mycoplasma pulmonis
Mycoplasmosis CSRespiratory
Who does CAR bacillus affect?Rats, mice, Rabbits (Cilia-Associated Bacillus)
CS of CARnonspecific, wght loss, dyspnea (no treatment)
Bacterial pneumoniaStrep. pneumoniae, young acute death, old dyspnea, aggressive treatment Abx
Common mouse pinwormSyphacia obvelata, can infect rats, gerbils, hamsters
Mouse pinworm CSAsympt, rectal prolapse, intussception, enteritis, impaction
Diagnose Mouse pinwormTape, PCR
Parasite similar to mouse pinwormAspiculara tetraptera, but can be diagnosed w/ fecal
What contributes to ringtail?low humidity/hydration

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Scientific name of ratsRattus norvegicus or rattus
Rat ovulation and youngSpontaneous, Altrical
Rat anatomyNo vomit, no sweat, Os penis, Harderian gland, Zymbal's Gland, no GB
Rat TBV and Collection6mL/100g, Saph, Vent Dors Lat tail veins

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Scientific name of hamstersMisocricetus auratus
Hamster ovulation and youngSpontaneous, Altrical
Hamster AnatomyNo vomit, no sweat, 4 & 5 digits, flank glands
If predisposed, when do hamsters start seizures?2 months
Why do hamsters seizure?cerebral glutamine synthetase deficiency
What causes Tyzzer's Disease?Clostridium piliforme
Tyzzer's CSdeath in weanlings, diarrhea, ruffled fur, lethargy, anorexia, precipitated by stress
What causes Proliferative Ileitis? aka wet tailLawsonia intracellularis
Besides hamsters, who else gets wet tail?mice, rats, ferrets, gpigs, swine, rabbits
CS of Wet Taillethargy, anorexia, ruffled fur, wght loss, rectal prolapse, diarrhea, obstruction, death in 24-48hr
Hamster blood collectionCeph, Lat saph, VC, jug

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Scientific name of gerbilsMeriones unguiculatus
Gerbil Ovulation and younfSpontaneous, Altrical
Gerbil AnatomyNo vomit, heat tolerant, incomplete Cir of Willis, Persistent Thymus, Large Adrenals
Gerbil Drug ContraindicationsPine bedding, Acepromazine
Gerbil blood collection and TBVtail, lat saph, submand, jug; 0.77mL/100g

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Scientific name of Guinea PigsCavia porcellus
GPig Ovulation and YoungSpontaneous, Precocious
GPig DietVit C needed, strict herbivores
GPig AnatomyNo vomit, No sweat, Vag sealed most times, Os penis, undivided stomach, Oblg nasal breathers, intercoronary network, 4 & 3 digits
Why do GPigs need Vit C in diet?L-gulonolactone oxidase deficiency
Hypovitaminosis C CSsubclinical, diarrhea, wgt loss, reluctant to move, swollen joints
What causes Bumble Foot? (Ulcerative pododermatitis)Staph. aureus
CS of Staph. equi in Gpigssubcl, cervical lymphadenitis, discharge, dyspnea, cyanosis, abortions
Contraindicated drugs in GpigsPenicillins, Cephalosporins, Lincosamides, older macrolides
TBV and collection in Gpigs69-75 mL/kg, nail bed, lat saph, digital vv

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Scientific name of ChinchillasChinchilla lanigera (long hair) or chinchilla (short)
Chinchilla Ovulation and YoungSpontaneous, Precocious
Chinchilla dietMainly herbs, grass and hay, raisins
Chinchilla AnatomyNo vomit, 2 cervices, urogenital papilla, penis spines, no scrotum, brain and heart limited blood supply, 4 & 3 digits
Chinchilla blood collectionJug, femoral, ceph, lat saph, VC