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What species of ferret is common in the pet tradeMustela putorius furo
What is the lifespan of a ferret4-7 years (14 is record)
What are the terms used for a male, female, and young ferretsMale - Hob, Female - Jill, Young - Kits
What is the dental formula of a ferret3133
Should ferrets be bathed regularlyNo
What type of penis does a ferret haveJ-shaped os penis
What is the GI transit time of a ferret4 hours (short)
How should you restrain a ferretScruff back of neck and suspend with all four legs off of ground
What food can be used to distract a ferretNutri-Cal
Is it normal for a ferret to have a pronounced sinus arrhythmiaYes
What can cause vulvar enlargement in a spayed female ferretRemnant ovarian syndrome, adrenal disease
What rabies vaccines are approved for ferretsIMRAB 1 and 3
How much protein and fat should a ferret diet containProtein - 30 to 40%, Fat - 18 to 30%
What are some common parasites in ferretsCoccidiosis, Giardiasis, Cryptosporidium, Dirofilaaria immitis, fleas
What are some common neoplasias of ferrets > 2yrs oldAdrenal tumor, lymphosarcoma, insulinoma
Is alanine transaminase (ALT) liver specific in ferretsYes
What value of glucose represents hypoglycemia in ferrets<70mg/dl
What are some differentials for a "flat out" ferretHypoglycemia, HWD, anemia
What are some rule outs for gastric ulcers in ferretsHelicobacter mustelae, Lawsonia intracellaris, FB, trichobezoars
What are some rule outs for diarrhea in ferretsParvo, Epizootic catarrhal enteritis, Lawsonia intracellular, Helicobacter mustelae
When you do a fecal occult blood, what should you be careful ofRaw meat diets
What triple therapy is used for ulcer therapy in ferretsCimetadine, Metronidazole, Clavamox
What are some possible causes of infectious diarrhea in ferretsSalmonellosis, Mycobacteriosis, Rotavirus, Campylobacteriosis
What virus causes transient green mucous diarrhea of young ferretsRotavirus
What are some CS of distemper in ferretsFever, Mucopurulent conjunctivitis, Hyperkeratosis of nasal planum and footpads, Pneumonia, Death
What are some differences between influenza and distemper in ferretsMucopurulent oculonasal discharge, Dermatitis, Footpad keratosis, CNS signs
When should ferrets receive their first annual IM injection for Rabies15 weeks
How is a definitive diagnosis of hyperadrenocorticism made in ferretsBy measuring estrogen, testosterone and progesterone levels in the blood
What disease usually involves an older ferret with birdseed stool having been introduced to a new young ferretEpizootic Catarrhal Enteritis (coronavirus)
What infectious ferret disease involves ascending paralysis plasmocytic myelitis in animals < 1 year oldAleutian Mink Disease (Parvo)
What are some CS of ferret adrenal diseaseEnlarged vulva, alopecia, pruritis, lethargy, muscle loss
What is the treatment of choice of ferret adrenal diseaseAdrenalectomy
What is the most common endocrine neoplasia of the ferretInsulinoma
What is the most common skin tumor of the ferretMast cell tumor
What is the most common dental disease of ferretsPeriodontal disease
What are trichobezoarsHair ball concretions
What age group of ferrets is splenomegaly commonly seen inOld ferrets (95% benign)
What causes an abnormal increase of insulin in ferretsB cell tumor (insulinoma) of the pancreas

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How often and how long do baby rabbits nurse1 or 2 times per day for 3-5 min each time
Rabbits should not be fed unlimited amounts of what types of foodsFruits containing high sugar content
What is the fold of skin under the chin of a female rabbit calledDewlap
Why do rabbits eyes bulge when stressedRetrobulbar vessels behind eyes enlarge
Why do rabbits have fragile bonesDelicate skeleton with large muscle mass
Rabbits that have red/ruby eyes are often seen to do whatBob their heads to adjust the vision
How fast to rabbits teeth grow1/2 in per month
Describe the female reproductive tractPaired cervices in duplex uteri
What is the normal color of a rabbits urine to do heavy mineral and pigment contentCreamy yellow to dark red orange
What is the name of the white blood cell that is found in rabbits instead of neutrophilsHeterophils
What are sequelae to malocclusion in rabbitsFacial abscesses, oral lesions, epiphora to proptosis
Which bacteria is blamed for tooth root abscessationP. multocida
What is a common term for moist dermatitis caused by chronic wetness in rabbits"Slobbers"
Gastric status is usually caused by what in any speciesLack of fiber
What disease agent causes Tyzzer's disease in rabbitsClostridia piliforme
When you diagnose Francisella tolerances in a rabbit, you must know whatZoonosis and reportable
Myxomatoma, a viral disease once given to rabbits to control their population in Australia is caused by which virusHerpesvirus
Which antibiotic should not be given orally to rabbits or dysbiosis may occurPenicillin, macrocodes, cephalosporins
Rabbit syphilis is caused by which infective agentTreponema cuniculi
The biggest problem seen in rabbits with respiratory disease is due to what anatomical fact in rabbitsObligate nose breathers
In general, if a rabbit is ill, the number one rule out has to be which causative agentP. multocida
The causative agent of dysbiosis isClostridium difficult
One of the CS of "snuffles" will be looking for what on the front pawsDebris from the nose, exudates
Commonly seen birth defects of rabbits are "swimmers" due to what defectSplayed legs
The most commonly seen neoplasia of rabbits is in what organ and how is it treatedUterus, ovariohysterectomy
Possibly the most commonly seen husbandry problem of rabbits is ear mites and is caused by whatPsoroptes cuniculi
Although rabbits get fleas, which well known cat/dog product should not be usedFrontline
What is the disease caused by a calicivirus used to irradiate the rabbits in AustraliaRabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

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What are guinea pigs commonly calledCavy
Name another rodent from the cavy familyCapybara, Patagonian Cavy
What is a dietary requirement of the guinea pigExogenous Vitamin C
How long is the gestation period of the guinea pig59-72 days
What scent gland gets hair, bedding, and fecal matter trapped in itPerianal sac
What two reactions can a guinea pig show when stressedFreeze in place or stampede
What is the Preyer or Pinna reflexThe independent cocking of each ear toward sound
Why do you need to give a variety of foods to guinea pigs before they are six months oldFood preferences are determined early
How long does guinea pig food stay "fresh" 3 days open, 3 months closed
Scurvy is most commonly seen in which rodentGuinea pigs
What is unique about guinea pigsNo tail, hairless behind each ear, single pair of mammae
When should you breed a guinea pig, a hedgehogBefore 6 months due to pubic close, after 6 months
In reference to barbering, which animal is the dominant oneThe one chewing on others
Why are you able to keep guinea pigs in pens no higher than 15 inchesThey cannot climb or jump
Guinea pigs should not be feed unlimited amounts of what types of foodFruits containing high sugar content
The leukocyte unique to the guinea pig and capybara is whatFoa-Kurloff
What are the two main reproductive problems in sowsUterine inertia, and dystocia
The anogenital distance is used to sex which of the pocket petsGuinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils
Ketosis and hypertension seen in guinea pigs which recently had babies are CS of which conditionPregnancy toxemia
Which antibiotic should not be given orally to guinea pigs or dysbiosis may occurPenicillin

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Chinchillas should not be feed unlimited amounts of what types of foodFruits containing high sugar content
Causative agent of dysbiosisClostridium difficile
Why would you consider having a Degu over a chinchilla if you have childrenDiurnal instead of nocturnal
Wire-bottom cages should not be used for which speciesRodents, rabbits, hedgehogs (any with small feet)
Which rodent is most likely to slip the fur if scruffedChinchilla (and Guinea pig)
To stay looking clean and in good health, chinchillas need to do whatDust bathe
Why is it difficult to tame an older chinchillaPersonality determined during first month of life
What is a common malady of too much heatHeat stroke
As in the rabbit, chinchillas have what type of reproductive organs in the femaleTwo uterine horns and two cervices
Chinchillas, rats and mice have what color of incisorsOrange or yellow
Over-eating and dietary changes may precipitate what condition in chinchillasChoke or bloat
As in rabbits, chinchillas get ulcerative lesions on the bottom of their feet due to what, and what is the condition calledWire-bottomed cages; pododermatitis
What problem do you see in male chinchilla penisesHair rings around the penis
What irregularly-shaped, firm waxy object, may be found in the cage after chinchillas have bredVaginal plug

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What is the scientific name for hedgehogsAteleerix albiventris
Which pocket pet has its prepuce located in the lower abdomenHedgehogs
What are the negative results from having a hedgehog go into torporDecreased - mtbl, HR and RR, immune fxn; Increased risk of infection
What is the causative agent of bronchopneumonia in hedgehogsBordetella bronchiseptica
Hedgehogs are covered in _____, not quills, which cannot be ejected nor are they barbed Spines
Care must be taken to not leave hedgehogs on a table becauseThey have no fear of heights
Name the muscles that control the position of the spinesFrontodorsalis, caudodorsalis, panniculus carnosis orbicular
Placing frothy saliva on their body when coming across an unfamiliar object is called what in hedgehogsAnointing or anting
Obesity in hedgehogs is a big problem and causes whatHepatic lipidosis
Unlike guinea pigs, hedgehogs should be bred whenAfter 6 months
What zoonosis is possible when handling hedgehogsSalmonellosis
Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome is the common term for whatDemyelinating paralysis
What is the prognosis for Wobbly Hedgehog SyndromeNo Tx, death 6-19 months with the best of care

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What subclass, genera, and species do the Sugar Gliders belongMarsupial; petaurus breviceps
What type of flyers are Sugar GlidersVolant or gliders
Although insects make up most of their diet, Sugar Gliders are classified as which type of animal based on dietary needsOmnivores
What is the fold of skin used to soar or glide calledPatagium
What causes illness in the pet Sugar Glider that is kept aloneStress, need company, very social
Although Sugar Gliders do not hibernate per se, they go into what when the temperature drops below 60 degrees FTorpor
What is the life span of a Sugar Glider in captivity12-14 years
What two unique features are found on the rear feet of Sugar GlidersSyndactyly and opposable digit #1
Bald spots on the top of the head and chest (sternal) are for what purpose and in which sexScent gland for marking, intact males
How many uteri does the Sugar Glider have and where are they locatedDual vaginas with separate uteri
What structure is formed to give birth and how long does it existMedian birthing canal, gone after birth
What is unique about the Sugar Glider's penis and scrotumBifurcated penis, scrotum in mid-low abdomen
How long are Joeys in the pouch60-70 days
Clinical values for blood glucose usually shows whatNormal low blood sugar
Injecting SQ fluids on the sides of the Sugar Glider will cause whatPooling in the patagium
Why should you force feed and give fluids to sick Sugar GlidersToo small to wait
What causes metabolic bone disease in Sugar GlidersHypocalcemia
Why do Sugar Gliders tend to be fatPrefer and gorge on sweets
Name a common mammary tumor of Sugar Gliders and RatsBasal Cell Tumor

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Cheek pouches are used to store food and move what in hamstersTheir babies
Another name for dysbiosisClostridial entertoxemia
What features characterize a hamsterCheek pouches, short tails
What is the scientific name for the Syrian (Golden) hamsterMesocricetus auratus
What is the scientific name (genus) for the Dwarf hamsterPhodopus
Hamster cheek pouches are often used in research due to what characteristic Immunologically privileged site
Anatomically, hamsters have what on the stomach that is used to ferment foodProventriculus (forestomach)
Where are the sebaceous scent glands located on a hamsterDorsal flank
What happens to hamsters when the temperature drop below 50 degrees FPsuedohibernation - arouses every 2-3 days
Proliferative ileitis in hamsters is commonly called whatWet tail
Proliferative ileitis is caused by which disease agentLawsonia intracellaris
Tyzzer's disease is caused by which bacterial agentClostridium piliforme
The zoonotic disease caused by arena virus is whatLymphocytic choriomeningitis
What tapeworm is zoonotic to mice, rats, hamsters, and manHymenolepis nana

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What is the scientific name for GerbilsMeriones unguiculatus
The hairless area on the abdomen of a Gerbil is whatMidventral scent marking gland
What gland usually disappears with age except in the GerbilThymus
Why should you never handle rodents by their tail tipsThey deglove
What is the common name of nasal dermatitis/facial eczema in Gerbils"Red Nose"
What socialization characteristics do Gerbils have in common with Sugar GlidersHighly social, need pair or trio
Which of the sexes has large sebaceous glands are use them to mark territoryMales
What is the most commonly seen disease type in GerbilsRespiratory disease
Preoperative fasting is contraindicated in rodents because Rodents don't vomit
Epileptiform seizures are commonly seen in what speciesGerbils

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