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By what age are rats and mice sexually mature, and how long is gestationSexual maturity - 6 to 10 weeks, Gestation - 3 weeks
Why are rodents prone to heat stressNo sweat glands
What is the best time to make appointments for ratsEvening (nocturnal)
What is the normal color of rat and mice teethOrange
Should rat and mice teeth be clipped No
What gland behind the eyes of rats and mice produces porphyrin and lipid rich secretions (and tears) and can become excessive under stress or diseaseHarderian Gland
Should rats and mice be fasted before surgeryNo, they do not vomit
What effect will cause female mice housed together in large groups to not cycleWhitten effect
What effect in female mice may cause an embryo not to implant if she is exposed to a strange maleBruce effect
What type of castration technique should be used when castrating male rats and whyClosed, inguinal rings are open
What is barberingDominant mouse chews fur off other mice
What is the most common tumor in miceAdenocarcinoma
What species of fur mites might you see on rats and miceMobia musculi, Mycoptes musculinus, Radfordia affinis
What type of virus is responsible for mouse hepatitis virusCoronavirus
What CS are associated with mouse hepatitisAffects neonates, severe enteritis, dehydration, no milk in GI tract
What CS are associated with rotavirus in miceAffects neonates, mild enteritis, diarrhea with soiling on haircoat
What CS are associated with Sendai virus in miceMild respiratory distress, fatal in neonates and weanlings, adults recover in 2 months
What bacteria usually causes respiratory disease in miceMycoplasma pulmonis
What zoonotic organisms wil lcause dematophytosis in mice and ratsTrichophyton mentagrophytes, Microsporum canis
What is the most common tumor in ratsFibroadenoma
In the rat, what are your differentials for a skin swellingFibroadenoma, Adenocarcinoma, Abscess
What are some CS of chronic progressive nephropathy in ratsPU/PD, Proteinuria, hydrothorax and ascites in advanced stages
What coronavirus is commonly seen in ratsSialodacryoadenitis virus
What agents may play a role in respiratory disease of ratsMycoplasma pulmonis, Streptococcus pneumonia, Corynebacterium kutscheri, CAR Bacillus