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Avian encephalomyelitis virus is usually administered in a wing web stick along w/ what other virus?Pox virus (avipoxvirus)
What are the dry & wet forms of poxvirus infxn?Dry form-effects skin-typical pox lesions. Wet form-effects mucous membranes-fibronecrotic tracheitis-can plug trachea → suffocation
What is the classical histological lesion that can be used to Dx poxvirus infxn?Intracytoplasmic inclusions → "Bollinger" bodies (I got chicken pox from a bowling ball)
How is poxvirus Vx usually administered to chickens?SQ wing-web
What are the pathotypes of Newcastle dz? Which pathotype is widespread in U.S. poultry operations? Which pathotype is reportable to the state & federal governments?Lentogen, Mesogen, Velogen/ Lentogen is widespread in US poultry-least pathogenic. Velogen aka Exotic Newcastle dz is highly pathogenic & reportable.
What pathotype of Newcastle dz can closely resemble that of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza?Exotic New Castle/velongenic, viscerotropic
What pathotype of Newcastle dz is used to create U.S. Vxs?Lentogen
What is the hallmark histological lesion of infectious laryngotracheitis?Herpes virus-so will have epithelia syncytia w/ eosinophilic intranuclear IBs, heterophilic inflammation & necrosis
Why is it practical to vaccinate a chicken flock for infectious laryngotracheitis at the same time that the flock is experiencing a challenge w/ field ILT virus?Bc incubation period of the virus is 6-12 days & spread slowly. Also prevents “heating up” i.e. ↑ pathogenicity as dz spreads from bird to bird
What respiratory virus of chickens can undergo a latency phase in the Trigeminal ganglion?Infectious laryngotracheitis (HERPES... hanging out in nerves. & the trigeminal nerve is kinda close to the trachea)
What are 2 Herpesviruses that infect chickens?Herpes virus
Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT)
What respiratory virus of chickens can also cz reduced egg production, wrinkled egg shells as well as kidney damage (urolithiasis-nephrotropic virus)?Infectious Bronchitis (cough a wrinkled egg out your bronchi) (Bronchitis Bad eggs)
What are the 2 routes of infxn for the Reovirus that czs viral arthritis?Direct contact & egg xmission (touching too many eggs in reo-de-jenero will give you arthritis)
Reovirus has been documented in 2014 to cz arthritis in what poultry species other than chickens?Turkeys
What term describes the phenomenon of Influenza viruses sharing genomic segments in a host cell?Antigenic shift
What types of birds have been shown to serve as a long time source & mixing vessel for Avian Influenza viruses?Waterfowl
How do the gross lesions of HPAI resemble that of viscerotropic END?Cyanosis & edema of face, comb, wattles, visceral & internal hemorrhage (blood shit)
What form of Avian Influenza regularly occurs in Midwest turkey flocks?H5N2 (5 & 2 go turkey tipping)
What 2 hemagglutinin types of Avian Influenza virus, when identified, must be reported to the World Health Organization & can result in a ban on export of poultry products to other countries?H5 & H7 (five & 7 are the most troubled ones)
2 wing web Vxs?Pox & avian encephalomyelitis