Exothermic & endothermic

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ExothermicReaction that transfers energy to surroundings by heating
E.g. Burning fuels, neutralisation & oxidation
EndothermicReaction that takes in energy from surrounding
E.g. Thermal decomposition
Hand warmersUse exothermic oxidation of iron in air to release energy
Self heating cansRely on exothermic reactions between chemicals
Injury packsReaction allows pack to become cooler
Practical1)Put 25cm of 0.25mol/dm of hydrochloride acid and sodium hydroxide in separate beakers
2) place beakers in 25 water bath until both are 25
3) Add HCL follow by NaOH to cup
4) take temperature every 30s & record highest
5) repeat steps using 0.5mol/dm & 1mol/Dom of HCL
Bond breaking Endothermic process where energy is given to break bonds
Bond making Exothermic process where energy is released when new bonds are made

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