Exercise 11.19

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Question Answer
A provider of online applications, such as accounting applications, for a feeapplication service provider (ASP)
A proactive approach to enterprise security that involves developing an overall planenterprise security architecture
A network software program that connects one computer to another computer point-to-point protocol (PPP)
A programming language that allowed the creation of the World Wide Webhypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)
An enterprise-wide networkintranet
A software program permitting an employee to use the enterprise network through a secure channel point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP)
A point on the network that offers access to the network, such as an accountant’s computer network access point (NAP)
A provider of access to the Internet for a feeInternet service provider (ISP)
Online sales transactions e-commerce
A network that provides a secure channel to access the enterprise network virtual private network (VPN)
Electrical transmission of data through analog or digital networks telecommunication
A wide network used by external customers and suppliers extranet
Accessing a computer from a remote locationremote access
Tossing in security patches, hoping to cover vulnerabilities stovepipe
Located on a proxy server and used to intercept and inspect all incoming messages prior to delivering them to the intended recipient proxy firewall
A Web site addressuniform resource locator (URL)

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