Exercise 11.18

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Question Answer
A network that covers a large geographic region, such as several states wide area network (WAN)
A device connecting an enterprise intranet to the Internet gateways
Special purpose computers that monitor network traffic and transfer messages from one network to another networkrouting devices
A software program that provides routing services to messages transmitted over the Internet Internet protocol (IP)
A network that allows computers to request data and other services from other specific computers on the networkclient/server network
A group of the same type of LANs connected to each other by bridgesLAN cluster
A network covering a citymetropolitan area network (MAN)
A software program commonly used to connect computers on a LANEthernet protocol
A computer that serves other computers with data and applications, such as an accounting database server computers
A software program that allows the enterprise network to connect to the network of vendors through proprietary lines electronic data interchange (EDI)
Utility devices connected to a network for shared use, such as a printerperipherals
A personal computer or laptop connected to a networkworkstation computers
Physical media connecting computers network wiring (transmission media)
A software program that provides transportation services to messages sent over the Internettransport control protocol (TCP)
Computer connected in a relatively small area, such as your college campus local area network (LAN)
A network that allows an organization to share data with suppliersvalue-added network
An electronic device that connects networks of different types routers
A device that connects two LANs of the same type bridges

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