Exercise 11.11

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Usually targeting the accounting department, these attacks are electronic theft of very small amounts numerous times, such as rounding of fractions of a cent from interest calculationssalami attacks
A form of social engineering, the attacker fishes for sensitive, private data, such as using an authentic- looking fraudulent Web sitephishing
Attacks involving manipulating and tricking individuals into divulging confidential information, such as imposter emailssocial engineering
Social engineering attacks that involve creating a scenario and using deception for information gathering purposes pretexting
Rummaging through garbage for discarded documents or digital mediadumpster diving
Attempts to obtain passwords by reading messages sent on a networkpassword sniffing
Involves collecting, examining, and preventing evidence of cybercrimecyber forensics
Crimes connected to information assets and ITcybercrime
Laws and regulations to prevent, investigate, and prosecute cybercrimescyberlaw

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