Excretory system

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FunctionMaintain homeostasis by getting rid of wastes.
Systems involvedCirculatory, urinary, integumentary, digestive...
KidneysFilter blood. 1st step.
AortaGives the kidneys blood.
Pelvis2nd step.
Ureter3rd step.
Bladder4th step.
Urethra5th step.
Nephron Tube in the kidney which has different shapes in order to filter blood and turn it into urine.
Collecting ductPart of nephron in which wastes are collected to be eliminated.
Loop of HenlePart of nephron in which things that are needed for the body went to urine by mistake are reabsorbed.
PyramidFilters urine to PELVIS.
Process in stagesFiltration, Reabsorption and secretion
Normal color of urineTransparent yellow, ambar...
Normal pH of urine4.6-8
Specific Gravity1.001-1.035
OdorSllght odor.

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Kidney stonesMade of salts and minerals hat are accumulated in the kidney.
Renal insufficiency (kidney failure)Anything or nothing can go in and out the kidney. (Electrolytes, blood)
NephritisInfection in the nephron.
UrethritisInfection in the urethra.
UreteritisInfection in ureter.
CystitisInfection of the bladder.
UremiaUrea, which is a compound that is normally in the urine, stays in the blood and returns to the body instead of being eliminated. It's toxic.
HemodialysisKIDNEY FAILURE. Analysis in which doctors take blood out to place it in a machine that functions just like a kidney and return it.

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