Exclusion times

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Exclusion times 1

Question Answer
ChickenpoxExclude until all blisters have dried (usually at least 5 days after rash appears, for non-immunised children). Contacts to exclude: susceptible pregnant women, immunodeficient children or children on chemo.
Herpes simplexNot excluded if person can over the sores with a dressing and maintain hygeine practices.
Infectious conjunctivitisExclude until discharge from eyes has ceased.
DiarrhoeaExclude until no loose BMs for 24 hours. Exclude norovirus cases or staff who handle food until no diarrhoea/vomiting for 48 hours. If more than two cases in same logation, or single case in a food handler, notify public health.
HibExclude until appropriate abx for 4+ days.
HFMDExclude until blisters dried.

Exclusion times 2

Question Answer
InfluenzaExclude until well.
MeasesExclude for 4 days after onset of rash. Contacts: Exclude immunocompromised children until 18 days after appearance of rash. For non-immunused contacts, contact public health for advice. For immunised contacts, no exclusion needed.
MeningitisExclude until well (and has received appropriate antibiotics if bacterial). Meningococcal excluded until appropriate treatment has been completed. For meningococcal, no exclusion for contacts but get public health advice about empirical rx/imms for contacts.
MumpsExclude for 9 days after onset of swelling.
PertussisExclude until 5 days after starting abx, or 21 days from onset of coughing. Seek advice from public health about unvaccinated contacts.
Ringworm, tinea, scabiesExclude until day after appropriate treatment commenced.
RubellaExclude until fully recovered or 4+ days after onset of rash. Contacts of childbearing age should check their immunity with their doctor.

Exclusion times 3

Question Answer
School soresExclude until appropriate antibiotics for 24 hours. Cover weeping/crusted areas for at least 24 hrs and as long as practical. Sores are not contagious if covered or after child has taken abx for 24 hours.
ShigellosisExclude until diarrhoea has stopped and two samples 24 hours apart are negative.
Strep throatExclude until well and 24hrs treatment
TBExclude until cleared by Queensland TB Control Centre
Typhoid + paratyphoidExclude until diarrhoea has twopped and two consecutive samples one week apart are negative.
WormsExclude if loose BM's present.