Excel shortcut

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Question Answer
1. F2Edit the select cell
2. F5Go to the specific cell
3. F7Spell check selected text and or document
4. F11 Create a chart
5. Ctrl +Shift+ Enter the current time
6. Ctrl+Enterthe current date
7. Alt+Shift +F1Insert a new worksheet
8. Shift+F3 Open the excel formula window
9. Shift+F5 Bring up search box
10. Ctrl+ASelect all the contents of the worksheet
11. Ctrl+B Bold highlighted section
12. Ctrl+I Italic highlighted section
13. Ctrl +KInsert Link
14. Ctrl +UUnderline highlighted section
15. Ctrl +5 Strike through highlighted section
16. Ctrl+PBring up the control dialog box to begin printing
17. Ctrl +Z Undo last section
18. Ctrl + F9 Minimize current window
19. Ctrl+ F10 Minimize currently selected window
20. Ctrl +F6 Switched between work books windows

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