Exam review - Chapter 32

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Question Answer
The endocrine system consists of glands and other structures that produce hormones which are released into the _________ systemCirculatory
___ is achieved through feedbackmechanismsHomeostasis
___ feedback negates change to bring levels back to normalNegative
Hyperthyroidism is most common in ___ ages 20 - 40 yrswomen
Risk for hyperthyroidism ___ with ageincreases
Hypothalamus and pituitary glands work together to release ___ (TSH)Thyroid stimulating hormone
TSH stimulates ___ and T4 release from the thyroidT3
What do thyroid hormones regulate?Growth and metabolism
Where do thyroid hormones build up in?The blood
Thyroid hormones are synthesized by a ___ processcoupling
One atom of iodine binds to thyroglobulin, producing ___(MIT)Monoiodotyrosine
Two atoms of iodine bind to thyroglobulin producing ___ (DIT)Diiodotyrosine
A low TSH test signals ___Hyperthyroidism
T4 test: ___ levels signal hyperthyroidism and ___ levels signal hypothyroidismHigh, Low
Radioactive Iodine Uptake (RAIU) is ___ hypothyroidism and ___ in hyperthyroidismLow, High
Grave's disease is an ___ diseaseAutoimmune
Thiomides are classified as ___ drugsantithyroid
Propylthiouracil and MEthimazole block the enzyme ___ that activates the coupling of iodine and thyroglobulinperoxidase
The most prescribed treatment for hypothyroidism is ___ which is converted in the body to T3Synthetic T4
It takes ___ of therapy with propylthiouracil before maximum effects are acheived2 - 4
Hashimoto's disease is an automimmune disorder that causesHypothyroidism