Exam 4

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personalitypersistent ways of thinking, acting, attitude. consistency within the person at all times
platoWhy are we all so different. reincarnation. spirits going around gods. associated with jupiter= power.
galenrealized when people got sick they changed. humors of body relate to personality type. good humor+good fluid
single traitdominant trait that invades everything a person does
4 basic traitsmelancholic, phlegmatic, chloric, sanguine
eyesneck3 traits. intro/extro. Neuroticism. psychoticism
neuroticismhow anxious you are
psychoticismhow hard hearted or tender you are
catell16 factors, sentencing criminals, shows extremes that can cause problems
mmpitest for psychopathology. personality test. 550 t/f. looking for patterns. lie scales. no predictive validity. used by police

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TAT(thematic apperception test)what themes do you perceive? taking stimulus and projecting it your own way. finishing a story
rorchach ink blot testloks for unusual responses. does person break things down or focus on the whole picture
sociobiologygenetics vs enviornmnt
sociobiologistsstudied body type to see if they have similar traits or not
social learning theorytake a shy girl. when she plays alone don't talk to her. when she plays with others give her positive attention. she becomes an extro
carol rogersself image. clinician, realized the way people saw themselves could be a problem. positive image, negative image. told clients they were wonderful to get rid of neg image
cognitivelocus of control. Am i in control or a victim? Internal: Im in control. External: they are in control. poorer people have more external control. more money/education means internal
freudpersonality and child development. notion was that at different times in childhood you would fixate. oral and anal stages of fixation
jungregression:going back to comfortable behaviors. came up with intro/extro. thinkers/feelers
sensation typehere and now
intuitive typeask how did the person get her and why?

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Undeveloped dark side shadow- Jungthinkers, feelers, anytime you leave thinking or feeling undeveloped you get dark side behaviors
thinkersparts of personality that are pushed down and can cause people to let out their "monster"
feelerswhen they decide to be a thinker criticism is not taken well
Adlersingle trait. every child is born helpless. caregiver takes care of them. Is your power going to be used for yourself or for social good?
ego defensesanxiety driven ways to not pay attention to.. learned, automatic, avoid pain, self deception, prevent problem solving
repressionselective forgetting
projectiondisowning scars
regressiongoing back to what one is comfortable with
cynicism trying not to get your hands dirty with the world

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reaction formationexpress the reverse of what you actually feel
identificationtake on the characteristics of others
displacementtaking things out on people who don't deserve it
sublimination take our dark side and use it in a way to condone good things

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which behaviors do we call abnormal?behaviors are constant, explanation changes overtime(acceptable or unacceptable), self control(do we need to control this or not
neolithic timetrepanation: Operation as treatment for mental illness removes evil spirit from the brain. schizophrenic people can control voices to certain extent
400 BChippocrate. mania, melancholia, phrentis, hysteria
maniamovement can't sit still
phrentisbrain fever
hysteriapart of the body that stops functioning but there is nothing wrong with it. thought it was a condition in the women's uterus. thought marriage was the cure

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platolegal and social control: argued for an insanity defense, doesn't work anymore, thought family should take responsibility for insanity of offspring
temples of saturn given over to treatment of mental illness
galencauses: injury to the head, shock, fear, alcoholic express, economic reversals, disappointments in love, adolescence and menstral changes. notion of psychological and physical causation
pope innocentwitch trials, book on witch craft, penalties:beheaded, burned alive, mutilated, burned alive. consequences: witches part of nature religion. this connected them to the devil which means nature should be removed
henry the 8thst marts of bethleham. consequence:when he took money he became mentally ill. caused problem w family church gov. caged ill people and used them for money
john locke french revolution. born blank slate and mentally ill. perfect society=makes mental illness go away-utopia. free mentally ill people.starts psych hospitals
b rushmoral therapy. belief in cause of mental illnesses. alcoholism lying smoking-illness. straight jackets, solitary confinement- treatment

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1880-general paresis- syphillis gets into nervous system and eats brain. doctor gave people syphillis to prove that binaural disease could effect the brain.
freud-nirosis and psychosisneurosis-little prob psychosis- big prob. hysteria in men and women. conversion disorder- stress in the battlefield causes blindness.
1950- antipsychotic drugslg systems of psych hospitals. came up with anti drugs to treat people. then put them in half way houses
1980- NAMIfamily members of the mentally ill who get together to find research and treatments having to do w mental illnesses. half way houses
abnormal isstats and culture are not good enough. culture changes. if you feel personal distress seal help.
insaneinsanity is a legal term for the british legal system. not knowing right from wrong. can't control behavior. . bring problem for psychiatrists.
diagnostic statistical manual-DSM 5panels on mental illnesses. can agree on symptomology and give birth to new disorders.

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