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APECAsia Pacific Economic Cooperation, 1989, called pacific rim region
What was the purpose of APECto facilitate growth, trade, and investment, 21 member nations
What are the developed countries in Asia and OCeania?Japan,Austraila,Hong Kong
What are the devloping countrins in Asia and Oceania?Turkey,Sri lanka
TPPTrans Pacific Partnership
What did TPP do?reduce tariffs,greater enforcement of intelletcual property:trademarks, copyrights, patents
What happened when china joined the WTO in 2001?they became the dominant apparel supplier to world
The east asia group does what?outsource most apparel production, focus on manmade fiber production
What is the largest city in china?shanghai
ASEANAssociation of Southeast Asian nations, 10 member countries
What is ASEAN function?to enhance trade options for its memebers
What are some South Korea charaeristics?large manmade fiber industry, major supplier of fabrics
Taiwan focuses on?"leader in synthetics", focus on high-tech products
Which grouping used ASEAN?southeast asia
Who are ASEAN textile and apparel traders?Indonesia,Malaysia- Philippines,Thailand-Vietnam
Pakistan is considered a good source in? for cotton goods espically home textile products and fabrics
what country is the world's top producer of wool fiber and fabirc?austraila
Japan's imported apparel=90% of retail market
What are some charateristics of New Zeland? most production for domestic consumption, large importer of apparel
What country is the biggest exporter of cotton?China
Why are asian countries most likey to remain top producers and exporters? low operating costs, low labor cost

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