Exam 3 trob senior year chp 12

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Who are the dominant textile traders in the Middle east and Africa region?turkey and UAE
Who are the dominant apparel importers in the middle east and africa region ?UAE,Saudi Arabia,Isarel
Who are the dominant apparel exporters in the middle east and africa region?Sub-Saharan countries, Primarily least developed
Why does china contuine to be a threat?because of low wages, higher efficency
What city is the major finaical center in?Dubai(capital of middle east)
Levi's and VF corportation have major jean facilities in what country?turkey
What does QIZ stand forQualified Industrial Zone (Jordan,Egpyt)
What is QIZ?specialized type of foreign trade zone,inolves more than 1 nation
What is the purpose for Jordan to have QIZ?to support stability in middle east,encourage economic integration
What country is the 4th largest clothing supplier to EU?tunisia
Who are tunisia major customers?france,italy, germany
Most of the textile and aparrell industry is in what stage in Sub-Saharan Africaembryonic . focuses on basic products
Who are Sub-Saharan Africa top textile and apparel importers?South africa and nigeria, 42% of total imports
Which two countries use QIZEgypt and Jordan
what country in Middle east & africa region is the top apparel exporter?turkey

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