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ATPAAndean Trade Preference Act, trade agreement between the U.S. and northern South America, established in 1991
What regions do the americas and the caribbean basin include?North America, (U.S,Canada, Mexico)South America,Central America,West Indies
Who are the top 4 GDP in 2016 1. U.S. 2. BRAZIL 3. Canada 4. Mexico
What countries are developing in the americas and the carribean basin?Argentina,Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico
What does NAFTA stand for?North American Free Trade Agreement
CBICaribbean Basin Initiative,
What countries are involved in NAFTA?Canada, Mexico, U.S.
What did NAFTA do?eliminated quotas and tariffs among canada, mexico, and the U.S.
Who are the top 3 countries supplying to the US.china, mexico,india
When was CBI established?1983 it was a trade preference program with u.s., ELIMINATED quotas through use of item 807
What was the purpose of FTAA?to unite 3 economies into a single free trade area
FTAAfree trade area of the americans, free trade agreemnt under discussion since the early 2000s involving 34 countries in North, Central and South America
What was the goal of CAFTA?to create free trade zone
Who are major suppliers of T& A to U.S.?peru and columbia
When was CAFTA created?2002 in 2004 domincan republic joined making it CAFTA-DR
What is item 807?allows cut componenets to be exported by US to participating countries then assembled and imported back to US
When did NAFTA go into effect?1994
What countires are less developed in the americas and carribean basin?hondouraus, nicarguara, haiti
What was the point of CBI?to stimulate industrial growth in central america & west indies
What year did Mexico become the largest supplier of garment assembly to the US?1996
What is the purpose of CBI?to stimulate industrial growth in central america & west indies
what are the top countries exporting to the U.S. that are included in 807?Costa rica,el savador, guatelmala, honduras, nicaraguara
what are some of the effects of NAFTA?many firms moved production to mexico, low cost labor

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