Exam 2

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Question Answer
Peyer’s patches are clusters of _________ tissue and are located in the _____lymphoid follicles In wall of distal portion of small intestine
How much lymph fluid is lost to tissue spaces in a 24 hour time span?3L/day
The thymus gland is most active during____childhood
Describe how lymph fluid is transportedIt is then transported through lymph vessels to lymph nodes before emptying ultimately into the right or the left subclavian vein, where it mixes back with blood.
The lymphatic structure that drains lymph from the upper right limb and the right side of the body is the ___Right lymphatic duct
Name the functions of the spleen.A) removal of old or defective blood cells from the blood C) storage of blood platelets D) storage of iron
What is a bubo?an infected lymph node
The _______ tonsils are located in the back of the throat.Palatine
Which cells become immunocompetent due to thymic hormones?lymphocytes
The ______ of the spleen disposes of worn out RBC’ pulp
What are the characteristics of antibodies? Bind to free antigens and mark for destruction by innate or adaptive mechanisms
Cancer cells and virus infected cells can be killed before activation of adaptive immunity by ____NK cells
The process of protecting against infectious agents and abnormal body cells is an example of ______ immunityAdaptive immunity
The _____ cells provide humoral immunityB cells
Having the flu, would provide you with what type of immunity? active
The antibodies found in saliva, mothers milk, and sweat are ___Naturally acquired
Which antibodies rise against bacterial infectionsIg
Which antibodies rise in a severe allergic reaction?IgE
Name the types/varieties of organ transplants.Organs that can be transplanted are the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestine, and thymus.
The conduit to gas exchange occurs in the _________ zone.Conducting
Inspiration is ____ processactive
What factors influence pulmonary ventilation? Airway resistance, Alveolar surface tension, Lung compliance: distensibility of lungs
A substance that helps reduce surface tension on the lung is calledSurfactants
The amount of air inhaled or exhaled during normal resting conditions is known as _Tidal volume (TV)
The non-functional alveoli due to disease or obstruction is considered what type of dead space? Aveolar
The gas that is forcibly expelled after taking a deep breath is called Forced vital capacity (FVC)
Where alveolar C02 levels are high, the alveoli will _________dilate
As oxygen binds to hemoglobin, the affinity to 02 to bind to Hb will be harder
eupneanormal respiratio
Changes in rate and depth of respiration with slow, shallow breathing, the level of carbon dioxide willincrease
In the medullary center, the ______ respiratory group is located near CN ____ and sends information to the _________Dorsal cranial nerve IX
Quick travel to altitudes above 8000 feet, may cause:Altitude hypoxia
Define COPDis a lung disease characterized by chronic obstruction of lung airflow that interferes with normal breathing and is not fully reversible.
Emphysema is demonstrated on X-ray with what features: hyperinflated lungs with reduced vascular markings.