Exam 2 Blood vessel structure and function Part 1

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Question Answer
What is the logical order of flow of blood?Heart____arteries____arterioles_____capillaries____venules____viens____ heart
Capillary walls consist of a________. Tunica media
all of the following would be found in large arteries except_______. Valves
The aorta is classifed as a(n)_______.Elastic (conducting) arteries
These vessels carry blood towards the heart. Venules
Of the following, what is the best definition of viens? A: Carry oxygenated blood. B: Carry blood away from the heart. C) Carry blood toward the heart.C: Carry blood toward the heart
Of the following blood vessel components, which is the most critical in regulating systemic blood pressure? A) Tunica intima B) Tunica media C) Tunica externa D) Venous valves B: Tunica media
An increase in lumen diameter_______, and occurs when smoth muscle ______.Vasodilation, relaxes
Of the following vessel types, which are responsible for the exchange of gases and nutrients with tissues? A) Arteries B) Arterioles C) Capillaries D) ViensC) capillaries
True or false: Vascular shunts of capillaries are examples of arteriovenous anastomosesTrue
Of the following cardiovascular components, which contains the majority of the body's blood volume at any one time?Systemic viens and venules
Some of the least permeable capillaries are found in the______, while some of the most permeable capillaries are found in the______.brain: bone marrow