Exam 2 Assess Part 4

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What is pulsus alternans?regular rhythm, but force of pulse alternates d/t weak and strong ventricular contractions
What is paradoxical pulse? greater than normal drop in SBP during inspiration

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What does expiratory splitting of S1 and S2 suggest?valvular abnormality
What produces continuous murmurs?congenital patent ductus arteriosus and AV fistulas
Bounding carotid, radial, and femoral pulses are found in?aortic regurgitation

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Symptoms of an expanding hematoma from abdominal aortic aneurysmMay cause symptoms like abd pain, back pain, constipation, difficulty voiding d/t compression of nearby structures
Symptoms that suggest mesenteric ischemia persistant abd pain, food fear, weight loss or dark stool
Warning signs of PADfatigue/aching/pain that limits walking, poorly healing wounds legs/feet, pain in legs at rest, first degree relative with AAA
Cause of asymmetric blood pressurecoarctation of the aorta, dissecting aortic aneurysm
Signs of superficial thrombophlebitislocal swelling, redness, warmth, subcutaneous cord
Signs of chronic venous insufficiencybrownish discoloration or ulcers just above the malleolus

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