Exam 1

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Cancer involving white blood cells is calledLeukemia
Red blood cells are “destroyed” in which organ?spleen
A person with type O blood can give to ________ and receive from __________.everyone, receive from O
The normal pH of blood is7.41
How many O2 can a single molecule of Hb carry?4
In adults, the ____ marrow can be converted to ______ in certain timesyellow marrow back to red marrow
Pernicious anemia is caused by _____ and has a lack of _______ with leads to a deficiency of ____autoimmune response,a lack of intrinsic factor.This leads to vitamin B12 deficiency
EPO is a hormone produced by the _____ and causes an increase in ______. (hint blood doping)kidneys, erythropoietin
From greatest number to smallest number, list the different types of WBC’s and their basic functionNeutrophils play a crucial role in fighting infection. Lymphocytes produce antibodies as a part of the immune system response. Monocytes perform the role of tissue macrophages that eliminate foreign particles and act against the multiplication of germs. eosinophils is to act against parasites and any antigen complex present in the bloodstream and cause of many types of allergic responses. Basophils secrete antibodies and anticoagulants.
Explain erythroblastosis fetalisWhen a woman is pregnant, it’s possible that her baby’s blood type will be incompatible with her own. This can cause a condition known as erythroblastosis fetalis, where the mother’s white blood cells attack the baby’s red blood cells as they would any foreign invaders.
A clot that develops and persists in an unbroken blood vessel is known as athrombus
How many phases of blood coagulation are there?5
An ECG measures the electrical activity of the heartbea
The P wave of a normal electrocardiogram indicatesatrial depolarization
Blood traveling through the pulmonary vein isoxygenated
The term for pain associated with deficient blood delivery to the heart that may be caused by transient spasms of coronary arteries is calledangina pectoris
The pacemaker of the heart is theSA node
The progressive condition known as______ is caused by cardiac output so low that blood circulation is inadequate to meet the demands of tissues.shock
Name the hormones (substances) that help regulate blood pressureRenin and angiotensin; Adrenaline and noradrenaline
Pressure exerted on the aorta during ventricular contraction is calledArterial blood pressure
Name the places you would expect to find baroreceptorscarotid sinuses, Aortic arch, Walls of large arteries of neck and thorax
Long term responses to changes in blood pressure are controlled byrenal regulation
An MAP of > 160mm/Hg would result in cerebral edema
An MAP of < 60mm/Hg would likely cause syncope
Name the mechanisms for tissue perfusionGas exchange (lungs), Absorption of nutrients (digestive tract), Urine formation (kidneys)