Evolution for Wilson Student

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Question Answer
Religious Viewspecies have always been the way that they are now, didn’t think that the Earth had been around that long
Evolutionthe process by which modern organisms have descended from ancient organisms
Charles Darwinfather of evolutional theory From observations in his travels wrote Origin of species which explains the theory of evolution
Descent with modificationAll organisms come from a common ancestor and have been modified over time
Lamark and his evolutionary hypothesisBelieved that all organisms are born with the desire to become better and can change their bodies during their lifetime to become better
Apes and humansCame from a common ancestor but every generation changed little by little to form two different species
FossilsFossil records shows species in the process of evolution
Biogeographygeographic distribution of species
Homologous structuresstructures that have different forms but develop from the same embryonic tissues
Analogous structuressimilar structure that has evolved because of same adaptation but not from similar embryonic structure
Vestigial organsorgans that are no longer useful but were once useful
EmbryologyEmbryos form in the same way for most vertebrates
DNA Evidenceused more often now.
The struggle for existenceAll organisms must compete against each other in order to survive
Variation and adaptationThere are several different characteristics in a population that can be adaptations to environment
Adaptationsany heritable trait that helps an organism survive in it’s environment
Survival of the fittestOnly the organisms that have the best adaptations for the environment will survive and reproduce
Fitnesshow well an organism can survive and reproduce More offspring the more fit
Natural selectionorganisms with traits that are the best match to their environment survive and leave more offspring causing the population to change over time