Evil and suffering quotes

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What does Hume say about evil and atheistEvil is the rock of atheism
What does JL Mackie say regarding the inconsistent triadA good omnipotent thing eliminates evil completely, and the propositions that a good omnipotent thing exists and that evil exists are incompatible
What did Bolcher in his book Evil and the Cross say about God when faced with evilFaced with evil, God has his powerlessness as his excuse.
What did DA Carson say about God and human freedomGod is absolutely sovereign but never mitigates human freedom
What did CS Evans say about God and evil co existingA perfectly good, all powerful being, if he exists, would not allow the kind of evil and suffering which occurs in our world
What question does david hume ask about Gods goodness and evilWhy is God good and sovereign yet there is evil in this world?
What is Libby Ahluwalia's definition of a theodicy Theodicy's are an attempt to Justify God

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What 2 passages did Augustine of Hippo base his theodicy on?Genesis 3; Romans 5:12-30
Genesis 3:24 God evicts man from the Garden of Evil"So He drove out the man"
Genesis 3:17 Often cited as a reason for natural evil"cursed is the ground for thy sake"
Romans 5:12 seminally present- why there is still suffering; why we are born with sin"Therefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin, so death passed onto all men, for all have sinned."
Why, according to Augustine is there evil?Because Adam and Eve disobeyed God and brough about 'disharmony' in both humanity and creation
What does Augustine call evil, and what does it mean?Privatio Boni- lack of goodness; evil isn't a thing, but a lack of good
What example does Augustine give about evil being a lack of somethingBlindness; blindness is not an entity, but a lack of sight
John 3:16-17 example of benevolence"God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him won’t perish but will have eternal life. "
How do JL Mackie and Anthony Flew criticise Alvin Plantinga's argument that creating a being that could only perform good is logically impossible?They say it is possible for God to create "good robots" who possess free will

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What two words define the Iranaen theodicy'Soul making'- we develop into the "likeness" from God from the image of "God"
How does iranaeus define the worldthe world is a "Vale of soul-making"; through suffering human souls are made noble- also a title of John Keats poem
What does Swinburne say about what it would be like without evil'We would never learn the art of goodness in a world designed as a complete paradise'
Hume's criticism of the Iranaeus theodicy'could not our world be a little more hospitable and still teach us what we need to know? Could we not learn through our pleasure as well as pain"

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What does Swinburne say about the free will defense"If men are to have knowledge of the evil which will result from their actions or negligence, laws of nature must operate reguarly: and that means there must be victims of the system"
What does Swinburne say to justify God not intervening in the Holocaust?"The less he allows men to bring about large scale horrors, the less freedom and responsibility he gives them"

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