Evidence Based Medicine - types of studies

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What is a meta-analysis?Overview of a topic in which the results of all included studies are similar enough that their data can be combined
What is a systematic review?Overview of primary research on a particular question that tries to accumulate high level research to answer that question.
What is a Randomised Control Trial?Each participant is randomly assigned to one group or another. The investigator controls the exposure of the factor of interest, and analysed in terms of outcomes. Both groups are compared.
What is a crossover trial?Individual patients are exposed to two different treatments for the same condition. The two treatments are given sequentially
What is a cohort study?People are selected based on their exposure to a particular agent, and are followed up over time to compare outcomes.
What is a case-control study?People with a particular outcome are identified, and are matched with controls. Data is then collected concerning past exposure to a possible causal agent for the disease.
What is a cross-sectional survey?Data collected from a representative sample of individuals at a specific time.
What is an ecological study?Looks at population data, instead of particular patient records.
What is a case series?Describes the history of several patients with a similar problem or outcome of interest.
What is a case report/study?Simplest type of clinical study, medical history of a single patient is described anecdotally.

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