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What is euthanasia in most conuntries?A criminal offence.
What did the Greek philosopher Hippocrates, of the Hippocratic Oath, say?“I will not prescribe a deadly drug to please someone, nor give advice that may cause his death.”
What did Francis Bacon say physicians were for? (QUOTE)“Not only to restore the health, but to mitigate pain and dolours.”
What do some doctors think euthanasia will preserve?The patient's 'quality of life.'


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Is Gregory Pence for or against, and what distinction does he make?For, and he says that killing a human who is dying is acceptable, but killing a human who is unwilling to live is not.
Why might someone include animals in an argument for euthanasia?Because we offer euthanasia to animals in intolerable pain.
What was John Stuart Mill's view?That the allowing of euthanasia adheres to the Liberty Principle and gives humans autonomy.
What is the argument for the legalisation of euthanasia involving pragmatic utility?It already exists in an uncontrolled and dangerous way.
What is an argument from Christianity against euthanasia that does not figure against abortion?That suffering has a special place in God's plan.
Who suggested that suffering could be an opportunity for spiritual growth?Thomas Wood.
What is a counter-argument to do with the motives of the patient?Doctors cannot be sure whether the patient is merely crying out in despair, rather than making a definitive decision.
What is a situation in which euthanasia would be regrettable?If a person had been incorrectly diagnosed with a terminal illness.
What is the general argument against euthanasia involving the aged?Elderly relatives might think they are a burden to their families and ask for euthanasia out of a sense of duty, and people might be pressured into it by scheming relatives or doctors.
What is a vaguely socialist argument against the legalisation of euthanasia?We would have to remember it affects the doctor, the nurse, the hospital and the wider community.
What is a practice similar to euthanasia that is legal in the UK, and who argues there is no moral difference?The withdrawal of treatment, and Peter Singer.
What are the two arguments that John Stuart Mill gives for individuality?People are the best judges of which activities are best conducive to their own self-development, and most motivated to ensure they live the best lives they can.


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To what might withdrawing treatment be likened by critics?Watching a child drown and deliberately doing nothing about it.
What did the Roman Catholic Church say in their 'Declaration on Euthanasia', and when was this written?That it is acceptable to withdraw treatment in situations in which death is inevitable and the treatment is burdensome, and 1990.
Who is Hans Kung and what does he say? A Catholic theologian, and that he is convinced an all-merciful God who has given men and women freedom and responsibility for their lives has also given the dying the option of euthanasia.
What is the most ridiculous argument against euthanasia in the world which is mentioned in the book, what fallacy is this, and what is an argument against?That once a country legalises euthanasia, the involuntary euthanasia that existed in Nazi Germany might follow, the slippery slope argument and and this has not been true for Holland.
What is a challenge to John Stuart MIll's view, using his own theory?Euthanasia does not develop 'individuality', the realisation of one's talents and abilities, for obvious reasons.