European Influence

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Columbia ExchangeGlobal exchange of people, goods, technology, ideas, and diseases
Middle Passagewhere slaves were brought from Africa to the Americas. They were crammed into the ships cargo hold and typically chained down
ViceroysRoyal representatives sent by Spanish rulers to set laws and regulate trade.
Settler coloniesEstablished for permanent habitation (living
Plantation coloniesColonies established to grow and sell cash crops
Trading Post coloniesEstablished to encourage commerce (trade)
cash cropcrops grown in large amounts to sell
Indentured ServantWorked to pay off debts or the cost of traveling to the Americas
The Spanish and Portuguesemainly established Plantation Colonies. - Colonies established to grow and sell cash crops
The French and The Dutchestablished Trading Post Colonies. Established to encourage commerce (trade).
The Britishestablished Settler (Settlement) Colonies. Established for permanent habitation (living)
Atlantic Slave Tradethe capture and transport of Africans into bondage in the Americas
Triangular TradeTrade routes from Europe to Africa; From Africa to the America; From the Americas to Europe.
racismthe unjust treatment of people by others who falsely believe their race is superior to others.
Jamestownthe first English permanent settlement.

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