Eukaryotic parasites

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protozoa meansanimal like
produce neurotoxins saxitoxin and gonyautoxin, among most potent non-protein poisons knowngonyaulax
plasmodium causesmalaria
plastids that have at least one flagellumkinetoplastids
africans sleeping disease causing agenttypanosoma brucei
flagellated protists lacking mitochondria; reproduce asexuallydiplomonads and parabasalids
ameboid (flexible) body form, but only distantly related to one anotherloboseans and heteroloboseans
what has no chloroplasts, cellulose, or chitin wallsprotozoas
water molds are calledoomycetes
nemotodes, cestodes, and trematodes are calledhelminths
nematode transmitted by mosquitoesWucheria bancrofti
type of tapewormTaenia
flat, leaf shaped and suck bloodfluke
insects and arachnids are calledarthropods
malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, west nile all spread bymosquitos
wingless insects that can jump up to 30 cmfleas
causing agent of plagueyesrsenia pestis
small wingless insects that suck blood through bitelice
lice bacteriapendicus humanus
arachnids have four pairs of legs; have fused thorax and abdomen, no antennae ticks
tiny, fast moving arachnids that live on outer side of plants and animalsmites
what mites live in hair follicles and oil poresDemodex
giardiasis causing agentgiardia lamblia
ancient disease found in hindu writing and chinamalaria
disease that is acquired from contaminated drinking watergiardiasis
disease means bad airmalaria
most common, serious disease world widemalaria
today, over 300 million are infected annuallymalaria
2-3 week 3 phase cycle of malaria calledparoxysm
loss of RBC, anemia, and blood clotting are all affects ofmalaria
treatment for malariaquinine
p.: vivax, falciparum, malaraie, ovale, knowlesi all causing agents ofmalaria
liver stage of malaria is calledexoerythrocytic stage
red blood cell stage of malaria is called(erythrocytic stage
malaria is the most common cause ofsplenic rupture
most severe and common infection of malaria bacteriap. falciparum
tsetse fly bite causes acute or choniceafrican sleeping sickness
trypanosoma brucei is causing bacterial agent ofafrican sleeping sickness
infects any kind of cell except red blood cellstoxoplasmosis
toxoplasmosis causing agentt. gondii
itchy vulva, burning vagina, yellow-greenish discharge diseasetrichomoniasis
causing agent of trichomoniasistrichomonas vaginalis
disease of ingesting worms through eggs in dirt and discharging them analypinworm

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