Eukaryotic Cytoskeleton Components

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Question Answer
MicrotubuleStructure (THICKEST): hollow rod of alpha/beta tubulin dimers -- Location: anchored to centrosomes -- Function: Cell division, movement of Xm, transport proteins
CentrosomeStructure: 2 centrioles (ring of 9 microtubule triplets) -- Location: near nucleus -- Function: MTOC, anchor and control microtubules
Cilia Structure: small projection of 9+2 microtubule arrangement -- Location: anchored via basal body to plasma membrane (cell surface)-- Function: Motility (Fallopian tube, tracts)
FlagellaStructure: 9+2 microtubule -- Location: sperm tails ---Function: Motility
Intermediate FilamentsStructure (MEDIUM): many proteins (e.g. keratin) -- Location: Plasma membrane --- Function: Mechanical support (no movement)
MicrofilamentsStructure (SMALLEST): actin polymers -- Function: Cytokinesis, Gross Cell Movement
Difference btwn intermediate filaments and other typesIntermediate = not movement; others= movement

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