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Section 1

Question Answer
cultivationthe process of preparing the land for growing crops
irrigationa means of supplying water for agriculture
precipitationwater that falls to the Earth’s surface
a faminesevere hunger; a drastic food shortage
catastrophicextremely harmful
to abandonto leave, to give up
adverselyaffecting in a harmful, negative way
to anticipateto sense or expect something before it happens
to aggregateto collect together into a whole
to fertilizeto supply nourishment to plants
to intensifyto increase in power or strength
to obtainto gain possession of, to get
photosynthesisthe process by which plants combine light energy into chemical energy
to collideto come together with great or violent force
an eruptiona sudden, often violent, outburst
a floodan overflowing of water; an excessive amount
an impacta strong influence
to persevereto keep going in spite of obstacles
to plungeto go down suddenly
to unleashto release a thing or emotion

Section 2

Question Answer
exponentiallyat a very fast rate
a denominatorthe number written below the line in a fraction
to maximizeto increase to the maximum
innovativenew and creative
to adjustto change a small amount
to deriveto come from
arbitrarychosen for no specific reason
maintenancethe process of keeping something in good condition
infinitesimalinfinitely small
parallelbeing an equal distance apart everywhere