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Ones personal concept of right and wrong; varies from person to personmoral values
learn to respect culture, traditions, & customssocial norms
learn to respect those who give ordersauthority figures
golden rule, doctorine, based on moral/ethicsreligious
honesty is best policy; what parents saytraditional pop culture
buzz word ethics; just do it=nikecontemporary pop culture
choice between equally compelling alternatives; no clear solutionethical dilema
study of how we make judgements based on right and wrongethics
3 perspectives viewed in ethical dilemapersonal, organization, society
lying is okay if results are goodconsequentialism
lying is wrongdeontologism
remains in line with morals; virtue, integritty and character traitsvirtue based
choice vs lifeRights based
I know something is right justifies doing itintuitionism based
applied ethicscase based

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ones right to make choices and decision about course of actionautonomy
oblication to speak/act truthfullyveracity
duty to prevent harm; remove them from harm and promote goodbeneficience
if we cant help at least dont harmnonmal eficence
obligation that you have in societyduty
ability to take advantage of moral entitlements to do something or notrights
fully informed patient can participate in choices of HCInformed consent
consider way of fairly distributing burdens or benefitsJustice
moral duty to keep promises/commitmentsfidelity
practice of treating people fairly peternalism
duty to limit access 2 info gathered in treatment and keep info between patient and providerconfidentiality
rarely does ___ provide an absolute guide to behavior or decision makingcode of ethics
why do we need to udnerstand ethichal theories, term, and concepts??make good judgment deicisons; know laws for situations youll be faced with

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