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Question Answer
Ethics vs MoralsEthics are things we should do and morals are what we do.
What is moralityAn individual's personal standard of what is right and wrong in conduct.
What is autonomy?Right of self-determination or choice, independence, and freedom.
What is beneficence? comes from the word beneficent, meaning doing or producing good, especially performing acts of kindness and charity
What is nonmaleficence?the prevention of intentional harm
What is justice?Fairness or treating all clients equally and fairly.
What is veracity?Tell the truth
What is fidelity?Carrying out promises
What is Deontology? deontology is concerned with what people do, not with the consequences of their actions. Ex: The individual participant who has a bad result might be immediately dropped from the study because the well-being of the individual participant is considered more important than the study itself.
What is ethical dilemma?any situation in which guiding moral principles cannot determine which course of action is right or wrong. Examples abound: who should receive a needed heart transplant—a young 34-year-old male with a wife and two children or a 78-yearold gentleman who also has diabetes?
What are the 9 ANA Code of Ethics?1. Client dignity 2. Privacy 3. Safety 4. Fair and equal treatment of clients 5. Client avocacy 6. Maintenance of professional competency 7. Responsiblity 8. Accountability 9. General maintenance and well-being of the nursing profession