Ethics with Regard to the Deceased Body (chapter 4) & Ethical Business Operations (Chapter 5)

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Section 1

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absolutisman action is right or wrong, because a higher authority of some kind says it is. The determination is absolute regardless of the situation. There is no uncertainty due to religious beliefs
absolutism examplekilling another person is wrong even if it was while protecting your own life...killing is wrong period
relativismthere is no one correct moral standard for all times and all people. Each group has ots own morality relative to its wants, needs, culture, history, or to change in a situation, event, or circumstance
example of relativismkilling is wrong, unless it is to protect your own life
whered oes the most ethical responsibilities toward a funeral director lietowards the deceased body

Section 2

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privacyonly authorized individuals with reason to be present should be in the preparation room during embalming. Cover the deceased genitals
confidentialityno info about the condition of the deceased, procedures performed, or pre-exisiting conditions should be given to anyone except immediate family, or proper authorities
what does a granted license carry with itthical rules and expectatuions, that are adhered to
what association code of ethics saycooperate with licensing authorities and other authorities, public and private, that may, from itme to time, investigate allegations of dishonesty
what area of finances is most at riskcash advances and pre-need funds
two most common employee ethical decisionswages and management/supervision

Section 3