Ethics Test 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
formal; written laws enacted by legislaturestatutory laws
laws based on Judaical decisions and precedent rather than statuescase laws
govt order having force of lawregulation
involves infringement (not obeying) on rights of one, can also include company/employercivil law
level of performance expected of HC worker in carrying out professional dutyStandard of care
statutory law which license is granted to practice in professionlicensure
state accepts the license of HC worker from another state as proof of competency without requiring reexaminationreciprocity
cant discriminate in regard to housing based on race, national origin/ religionfair housing
prohibits nursing homes from inappropriate using restraints on residentsOmnibus reconciliation act

Section 2

Question Answer
Restrict from working in location for period time following terminationnoncompete clause
occurs when one lies to induce entity; billing for service never providedfraud
contract not tangible; agreed upon verbally/conductimplied contracts
occur when therapist conduct fall below acceptable standard of carenegligence
civil wrong commited against person/propertytort
formulas/patterns/devices provides a buisness an advnatagetrade secret
act commited against one that puts them fear of bodily harmassult
binding agreement 2+ people that is enforced by lawcontract
occur when one work together to commit/cover up crimeconspiracy
time limit for filing law suit as established by state lawstatue of limitations
document created for employer during employmentwork for hire
when party to contract fails to live up to their endbreach of contract
person takes someone else's property and uses it as own; relationship existsembezzlement

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