Ethics Quiz

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Question Answer
What are the 7 core values?altruism, equality, freedom, justice, dignity, truth and . prudence
involves demonstrating concern for the welfare of othersaltruism
refers to treating all people impartially and free of biasequality
_____ and personal choice are paramount in a profession in which the values and desires of the lient guide our interventionsfreedom
expreses a state in which diverse communities are cinclusive' diverse communities are organized and structred such that all members an function, flourish and live a staisfactory lifejustice
treating each client with respect in all interactionsdignity
providing accurate infomration in oral written and electronic formstruth
use of clinical and ethical reasoning skills, sound judgement, and reflection to make decisions in professional and volunteer rolesprudence
what are the 6 principles and standards of conductbeneficence, nonmaleficence, autonomy, justice, vveracity and fidelity
connots acts of mercy, kindness, and charity. requires taking action by helpng others by promotiong bood, by preventing harm and by removing harmbeneficence
Principle 1. Beneficence: OT personnel shall demonstrate a concern for the well-being and safety of the recipients of their servicesyes
obligates us to abstain from causing harm to others. includes an obliggation to not impose risk of harm even if the potential risk is without malicious or harmful intentnonmaleficence
principle 2 Nonmaleficence: OT personnel shall refrain from actions that cause harmyes
expresses the concept that practitioners have a duty to treat the client according to the clients desires, within the bounds of aceptaned standards of care and to protect the clients confidential information. Self deermination principle is also in the categoryautonomy
Principle 3. Autonomy OT personnel shall respect the right of the individual to self-determination, privacy, confidentiality, and consentyes
relates to the fair, equitable, and appropriate treatement of persons, OTs should relate ini a respectful, fair and imparial manner to individuals and groups ith whom they interactJustice
Principle 4. Justice: Ot personnel shall promote fairness and objectibity in the porcision of ot servicesyes
is based on the virtues of truthfulness, candor and honesty. refers to comprehensive, accurate and objective transmission of informatio and includes fostering understanding of such informationVeracity
Principle 5. Veracity: OT personnell shall provide comprehensive, accurate and ovvjective information when representing the profession yes
refers to the duty one has to keep a commitment once it is made. refers to promises made between a provider and a client based on an expectation of loyalty, staying with the patient in a time of need and compliance with a code of ethicsfidelity
Principle 6. Fidelity: OT personnel shall treat cliencs, colleagues, and other professionals with respect, fairness, discretion and intergrityyes