Ethical Decision Making (chapter 3)

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Section 1

Question Answer
pre-moraldoes not understand the rules or feel a sense of obligation to them. Only to see whats good, not bad
pre-conventionalmoral reasoning is based on reward and punishment from those in authority
conventionalexpectations of social group (family, community, and nation) are supported and maintained
post-conventionalconsiders universal morals which supersede the authority of a group

Section 2

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lawsrules that govern society
government regulationsusually eneacted to protect customers
emplyee needseconomic, physical, and emotional
consumer needseconomic, physical, and emotional
social pressuredetermining what is the company's social responsibility
firms financial statuscomplying to high ethical standards seems more prevalent during strong economic times. During times of financial difficulties, pwners are more apt to forgo ethics for economics

Section 3

Question Answer
law (external)concerned with acts and conduct, concerned with interest of society
ethics (internal)concerned with motives, concerned with interest of individual and society
steps for ethical problem solvingid the problem, define the ethical issues, breakdown problem into smaller elements, identify best options for solving the problem, consider the consequences, do you need help, select the best solution